8 Hours Sleep #3 – The Slow Home Experiment

8 Hours Sleep #3 - The Slow Home Experiment

After a very chilly camping trip we’re back to regular sleep patterns, and in today’s episode Ben and I talk about pre-sleep rituals, whether it’s possible to gain back sleep debt and how our camping experience impacted on our night’s rest.

Ben’s noticed that he and I have very different needs when it comes to pre-sleep rituals so today I talk a little about what I do before bed, as opposed to what he does. HINT: Ben’s process is much simpler and shorter than mine!

In general though I’m really enjoying the re-prioritisation of sleep, though I’m not entirely convinced I need the full 8 hours I’ve been trying for. Plus, I’ve been told I look tired more than any other recent period of time, so I’m not sure it’s even having a positive impact!

I’d love to hear how your experiment is going, so don’t forget to tag your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and share your experiences.



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3 Responses to 8 Hours Sleep #3 – The Slow Home Experiment

  1. Thanks for another great episode. :-) I’ve just listened, drinking my first coffee of the day, before heading off to work. I listened to “The Sleep Revolution” over the weekend and it was great; thank you for referencing it. I was particularly interested/concerned to hear that ‘proper’ deep sleep is needed to flush out the proteins in the brain that can cause Alzheimer’s disease – as my dear mum was diagnosed with that last August, I’m definitely keen to learn about ways that might help prevent it (in as much as ‘prevention’ is possible).

    On another note – I can’t believe there was ice inside your camper van!

  2. Hi Ben & Brooke!
    I’m a faithful listener to your pogpast and would really love if you could do something on living slow at the same time as you are starting or managing your own business. I have had my business for a bit more than 6 months and I find it really hard to keep the boundaries for social media etc, especially when I am between jobs. When I have a defined and sometimes big workload I find it easy, as I know how it benefits me and help me concentrate. But when I’m low or without a project I find myself sliding into all sorts of bad habits, mostly connected to social media, being available and so on as I feel the urge to land the next project etc. This really annoys me as I changed my life and quit a career job and went through 18 months training to live as I do now. I feel as I have all the arrangements made to live a slower life but I don’t really know how to handle it.

    Best wishes, Linn

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