Declutter Your Opinions

Travel is food for the soul. Take kids. (And other 8-word opinions).

Seth Godin once said, “If you can’t state your position in eight words, you don’t have a position.”

There is so much freedom in this idea. Not only are we free to express ourselves succinctly and without fear, but we can also let go of needing to have an opinion on everything.

If your opinion on something begins with, “Well, that’s a difficult one…” then you’re 5 words in and no closer to a position. This is a beautiful thing – it’s mental simplicity in action.

If you have one, fantastic. But if not, feel free to let it go and save your thoughts for something you care enough about. Alternatively, take the time to form a position.

If we had an opinion on everything, we would not only be annoying, but we would speak in very short, concise and heavily thought-through sentences, every word being weighted just so.

No thanks.

There are a lot of issues I don’t have a Seth Godin-style position on, but I do have opinions on some things.

  • Travel is food for the soul. Take kids.
  • Gardening is an incredible pleasure, try it.
  • We are privileged, make it count for something.
  • Living with less allows room for more.
  • Happiness is always a choice. Not necessarily easy.
  • Our stuff doesn’t hold memories. We do.

Share one of yours if you’d like. I’d love to hear them.

8 Responses to Declutter Your Opinions

  1. That’s a tough one but something good for me to hear as I tend to be verbose. The truth is, I like to talk. I like to give my opinion, too, although I do hold back more than I share. So here’s mine and one I’m working on.

    How I talk to myself matters.

  2. I love this! Here’s mine as of late relating to my emotional health.

    Let simplicity be the basis of emotional well-being.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Just what I needed to hear today – thanks. Here’s my thing for today…. Something is better than nothing. You can apply this to almost anything – exercise, study, cleaning, giving, sleeping, eating, gardening etc…

  4. Niiceee. :)

    “We are privileged, make it count for something.”

    That is beautiful.

    “If something’s interesting, it’s probably interesting enough for you to take it seriously.”


    “We need to manage risks in our lives, not avoid it”.

    This is a great way of honing your thoughts. Great write up, Brooke.