9 Kick-Arse Reasons to Slow Your Home

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We’ve started to look at what a slow home is but now I want to tell you why you should bother.

Yes, there is work involved at the beginning. No, it’s not all sunshine and bubble baths. But, seriously, from what little I’ve already gained, I can tell you you’d be crazy to pass it up.

In an Organised, Decluttered Home:

  • you spend less time cleaning your belongings – because you have fewer of them
  • you spend less time looking for things – because everything has its place
  • you can focus on the things that matter, like family and friends – because you have less stuff to worry about
  • you always remember what you need as you head out the door – because you have a designated entry/exit point


In a Green, Healthy Home:

  • you reduce waste and your impact on the environment – because you compost your food scraps or feed them to your chooks
  • you don’t expose your family to unnecessary cleaning and laundry chemicals – because you use effective, natural alternatives
  • your inside air isn’t filled with toxins and VOCs – because you open your windows and use indoor plants as natural air filters


In a Light, Airy Home:

  • you have lower electricity bills – because you need fewer lights on during the day
  • you consume less power for heating and cooling – because cross-ventilation and good insulation help keep temperatures comfortable year-round


Need More Convincing?

I feel lighter in our home. I feel healthier. It is easier to keep clean (that is a relative statement of course – “clean” being different to “tidy”).  I feel happier. More inclined to be active, to spend time outside. I drink more water. I’m more mindful of what I eat.

I could go on, but I think that could get annoying. I’m fairly certain you understand though. So have at it, friends!


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