Carl Honoré Talks Technology, Good Slow and Getting to Know Your Butcher – SHP009

Carl Honore Talks Technology, Good Slow and Getting To Know Your Butcher

Slow living is so often equated with country life, an unhurried pace, fewer modern conveniences and less pressured work. Many people also tie the idea of slow to laziness, boredom or a lack of energy.

But in today’s episode of The Slow Home Podcast, I try to put some of those misconceptions to rest as I chat with Carl Honoré – world-renowned slow living advocate.

Carl is the author of three books including the international best-seller, In Praise of Slow. He is also a celebrated TED speaker, fast sports fiend, traveller, father and husband.

In today’s conversation he and I dig in to what life was like for him and his family pre-slow and what steps he first took to create a slower, more mindful life. It’s a really interesting look at the pressures we all live under in today’s hectic, results-driven society and how any one of us can adopt the idea of ‘good slow’ into our lives. 

Neither Carl nor I believe that busy and slow are mutually exclusive and it’s fascinating to talk to someone who so passionately advocates a slower way of life while living in a fast-paced city like London.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and, as always, please leave suggestions, questions or comments below.


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What You’ll Hear About  in Today’s Episode:

  • What ‘slow’ looks like to someone who lives in the city, enjoys being busy and loves the adrenaline rush of ice hockey.
  • The importance of community in creating a slower way of life and why knowing your local butcher is part of it.
  • Our thoughts on whether slow means simple.
  • The moment Carl realised he was rushing through the most important moments of his life.
  • Why he almost (but didn’t) bought a book of One Minute Bedtime Stories.
  • The first steps he took to slow down and live a more mindful life.
  • Carl’s thoughts on the future of the slow movement and whether there is hope for a world that is addicted to speed and convenience. (Hint: there is.)
  • How he helped a tech-addicted family regain connection with each other.

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16 Responses to Carl Honoré Talks Technology, Good Slow and Getting to Know Your Butcher – SHP009

  1. I enjoyed this podcast very much. To sit for almost an hour and listen was wonderful. Thank you.

    It is often when I walk my dog that time seems to disappear. I am not on any schedule. It is very freeing from the other portions of the day that are schedule oriented.

    Oh to be a child again and be playing outside. Called for dinner or darkness and that was it. That was the life :)

    I love the idea of “stacking.” That is a great concept.

    Have a good evening!

  2. I loved this interview thank you! I’m sorry that people still don’t get Slow. Some folk are very one-directional in their thinking. But I think Carl is bang on when he talks about slow to deal with the complex.

    It’s started to mean a lot for me in my endeavors outside – that’s an area where I’m determined to help Slow catch on :)

    Your site is a great find, thank you.

    • Thanks Ruth. I think slow is catching on (slowly!) and over the coming years we’re going to see more and more of it adopted into how we live and how we work. It’s exciting to see the gradual shift. Here’s to more of it. :)

  3. “fear of judgment” that is exactly it!! You hit the nail on the head. Where I live in a suburb, people are not slowing down. They talk about it. But at the end of the day they are dragging their kids to practice, games, tournaments all week and weekend. I’m just glad that my family enjoys the slow pace I prefer.

    • There’s definitely a gap between wanting and doing, when it comes to slowing down. I think most people desire a less hectic life, but aren’t necessarily sure how to begin. That’s why I love what Carl has to say, the idea of slowing down is available to anyone, at any time.

  4. I love your podcasts, but I dislike how you debrief the podcast before we listen! :) :) Maybe after?

  5. What a reminder. I was stuck in London that time of the incredible snow! I was supposed to get on a plane back to work in Ireland and there was nothing running.Not even a bus. I trudged back to my friend’s apartment and we had the most gorgeous day making soup and bread, a snowball fight, and then found a little cosy corner in a pub for the evening!

  6. It was so heartening to hear Carl lives in London: I have been struggling with how slow living can be applied to the city. Great podcast – very timely!

  7. This was a fabulous conversation.

    Empowering and affirming.

    Slow living does take many forms, wonderful to hear another perspective.

    Keep them coming :)

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