The Making of Men with Dr Arne Rubinstein

The Making of Men with Dr Arne Rubinstein

So it turns out today is a very, very exciting day – for two big reasons. First, we’ve launched the Jackrabbit.FM app, which means you can listen to all your favourite Jackrabbit shows in the one place (think The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, Low Tox Life, Sweet Teen Club, this family life, Straight and Curly, Let It Be…) download them for offline listening, and bookmark and share them with your friends. We’re super excited to finally share this with you (both our Android and iOS listeners – we’ve got everyone covered!) and would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve downloaded it and had a little play. Secondly, and more importantly, today is the first pogpast that sees Ben behind the microphone instead of me. And while I don’t plan on disappearing and leaving Ben to drive this podcast bus alone, it’s so lovely to see him engage with the idea of slow and simple living in a deeper way, and even more lovely to hear him have conversations like this one. In this show Ben chats with Dr Arne Rubinstein, a doctor, counsellor and mentor who has had a profound impact on him this year, as well as the lives of many young men throughout the world. Arne is an expert in adolescent development who had a life-changing experience 20 years ago while on a rite of passage camp. He realised that – for adolescent boys in Western culture, particularly – there was a distinct lack of rites of passage and strong role models. Even though he was more than a decade in to his medical career, Arne decided to sell his practice, buy a property in the rural Byron Bay hinterland and live in a bus for three years as he built a camp to help mentor young men. 20 years later he an author, facilitates mentoring programs and provides leadership coaching, but even more importantly, can say he spends his days doing exactly what he was put on earth to do – and that is something that both Ben and I find truly inspiring. Ben and Arne talk through his own personal enlightenment and what it felt like to shed his safe, well respected job for the unknown, as well as his thoughts on living intuitively and aligning our actions with our values. This is such a great conversation and I’m sure you’re going to get as much inspiration and motivation from it as I have. (Also, thanks for the week off, Ben. You’re welcome to do this any time.) Today’s show is sponsored by Ettitude. For 10% off your first order of ethically-made, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, bamboo lyocell bed linen, visit Ettitude and use the code: sleephealthy. Enjoy!


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  1. I have founded a parenting media network for gay and lesbian parents and would be interested to talk to Dr Arne about how two-dad families and two-mum families could benefit from programs like this. Particular in the cases of daughters being raised by dads, and sons being raised by mums. I have sent an online enquiry to Dr Arne and await his response. Thanks for a great podcast X

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