Screen-Free Bedroom #5

Screen-Free Bedroom #5 - The Slow Home Experiment

IT’S OFFICIAL. Screen-free bedrooms are the greatest.

August’s Slow Home Experiment has been one of the simplest and most effective changes we’ve made all year, and in today’s episode Ben and I talk about the challenges and benefits of going screen-free in the bedroom. We also talk through some of the reasons people didn’t or couldn’t join in, as well as some possible solutions for the most common of those.

What we’ve noticed in our own home is a marked increase in sleep quality, but also more conversations, intimacy, reading, relaxation and productivity – most of which I never thought would be impacted by a screen-free bedroom.

For anyone still on the fence about trying it, I’d really encourage you to run your own experiment for a week or two and see how going screen-free impacts your life. There is really nothing to lose and it’s proven to be one of the easiest ways to create some slow in our days without needing to commit big time or energy.

And while the screen-free bedroom is here to stay, it’s time to turn our attention to September’s experiment. And honestly, it’s one I’m feeling quite nervous about.

Inspired by my recent conversation with Jono Fisher, we’ve decided to try and commit one random act of kindness every day throughout September. And while on the face of it, this seems like a simple task, I’m feeling pretty anxious. Something about being vulnerable and not wanting to ever offend someone with an offer of help has me feeling very apprehensive. Which almost certainly means it’s going to be incredibly worthwhile!

Ben and I talk about potential acts of kindness we could try, as well as some of the options that won’t cost money every day. We’d love to hear from you too – are you going to join us? What ideas do you have for your random acts? What budget-friendly options do you have in mind?

This is another experiment that anyone can join in on, so please feel free to play along, and tag your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment.

In the meantime, have a cracking week! Enjoy!


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7 Responses to Screen-Free Bedroom #5

  1. I just recently found your blog and I love it. You inspire me every time! I am going to jump in on this challenge. I can’t wait to see what acts of kindness you all do and I think this challenge will help me be more intentional about doing them. Thanks for the challenge and the example!

  2. Hi guys, very much looking forward to hearing about this month’s kindness challenge and the different ways people show kindness. One I did just a week ago was to pick fresh herbs and leave them on my sister’s front verandah (shoved in her shoe because I didn’t have anything else!) along with one of the kindness cards. It was free and I didn’t have to go to much effort or make a big fuss about it.

  3. I love that you’re doing this experiment! Some ideas for free / inexpensive acts of kindness –
    *Pick up some rubbish next time you are at a park / school / beach etc.
    *Be a courteous driver and let other drivers merge into your lane (even if they’ve jumped the queue)
    *Open the door for someone
    *Give a small anonymous donation to someones gofundme cause
    *Do someone else’s chore e.g. if your husband always takes the bin out – you take it out – or if one of you always cooks then the other cooks for one night.
    *If you have a veggie garden or chickens – give a neighbour some of your excess eggs or produce (nice way to meet the neighbours as well)
    *If your house is near a footpath plant some nice flowers for people to appreciate as they walk by or plant a fruit tree / passionfruit vine and when it has fruit stick up a note letting people know they are welcome to pick some.
    *Donate old magazines or unwanted books to the local aged care residence.
    *If you get good service from someone email the business or organisation to let them know. We are often so quick to complain but rarely take the time to compliment.
    *Plant some bee friendly plants – kindness for bees :)
    *If you have an elderly relative or neighbour help them weed their garden.

  4. Lots of good examples from Deb! Some more ideas:
    *Start a conversation with the elderly person standing in a checkout line with you. The social interaction will be appreciated.
    *Hug whenever possible. It could be the only human touch a person receives that day.
    *Send messages to friends to let them know you have been thinking about them. Invite them to meet for coffee and catch up time.
    *Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line.

  5. I keep greeting cards, just cheerful brighten your day kind of cards, and hand them out to the homeless I see while driving around town sometimes with a couple dollars tucked inside. It’s small and simple but I’ve had some great positive reactions just from someone stopping to give them a cheerful card and say hello. :)

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