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I’m a slow-travelling, gutsy shiraz-appreciating writer who currently lives in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney, Australia. I have two lovely kids, a delightful husband, a dog and four chickens. I spend a lot of time reading, I love practicing yoga and am a tragic fan of The Walking Dead (comics and TV show).

After being diagnosed with severe post natal depression in 2011, I embarked on a one-woman mission to cut out the excess in my life and reconnect with what was really important.

I learnt about minimalism and simplicity, immersed myself in the Slow Living philosophy and discovered the beautiful benefits of living with less.

Over 2 years I decluttered more than 25,000 items, created a Slow Home and rediscovered my health, my passion, my energy, my spark.


Since coming to understand the huge benefits of living a slower, simpler life, it’s become my mission to help others define and achieve their slow living goals. I’ve written at Slow Your Home for four years and in that time have connected with over 2 million people, helping them understand more about simple living.

I now produce and host The Slow Home Podcast, an iTunes #1 Health Podcast designed to help spread the idea of a slower pace of life to an even wider audience.

I am stoked to have you here.

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Brooke xx