Can We Shake the World With Beauty?


Sometimes we simply need to appreciate beauty. There may be no logical reason for the beauty. No end to its means. No summation.

It just is.

And that is enough.

Sometimes we need reminding to look for it. Because we’re too caught up in the crappy week, the busy days, the exhausted nights. The day-to-day and the need-to-dos. The life stuff.

But can I tell you what else is part of the life stuff?

  • Bird song early in the morning
  • A spider’s web
  • A rainbow
  • Your kids’ laughter
  • Your loved one’s smile
  • The smell of rain on the earth
  • You, alone, running on the road
  • Play

Lately, I’ve been ignoring the beauty – and it shows.

I’m disengaged. I’m focusing on the busy-ness, the unimportant, the minor details. Where I should be looking for the shiny, the unexpected, the delightful and the awe-inspiring, I find myself focused on the negatives, the failings, the comparisons.

So this is a reminder for me, as much as anyone else, to rediscover the beauty.

And the beauty I’m talking about isn’t the Mona Lisa, Grand Canyon, Ryan Gosling kind. You don’t need these things to know beauty.

What about the golden mist as you water the garden? The warmth in your chest from a beating heart? A sky filled with fluffy clouds? Holding hands?

This week, I’m challenging you (and myself) to find beauty every day. Write it down, tweet it out, Facebook status it. Let’s spread a little beauty this week, and see if we can’t shake the world.

At the end of the week, come back and share with us the beauty you discovered (or rediscovered).

5 Responses to Can We Shake the World With Beauty?

  1. Your timing is very uncanny. I was just writing a blog post about someone I know that seems to have forgotten how to see the beauty in life. I wrote my first draft and decided to take a break before I go back to it and here is your post. Great article Brooke, I’ll link to it tomorrow when I post mine.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  2. Brooke, I love, LOVE this! :-)

    We were camping this weekend, and my daughter was playing with another girl, who also had special needs. The two of them just stopped at one point, and stared at the birds flying around the forest, completely in awe, taking it all in. Everything is new and amazing to her, and I think we have something to learn from that.

  3. What a beautiful post! I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now. I like to consider myself a ‘life appreciator’. Not all of us have a particular talent or gift or are driven and motivated, so I consider my job to see the beauty in the everyday:-) Not many people have the luxury of that, so I know that I am incredibly fortunate.

  4. This past week I was fortunate to experience the beauty of a small black and white woodpecker with a tuff of red feathers on his head race up and down the big oak in my front lawn. It was a magical moment because he was the first of his kind to be in my yard.