The Power of Being Intentional: A Tech-Lite Update

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Last week I told you all about the Information Diet, and how exceedingly simple it was. How I felt incredible, couldn’t believe I hadn’t made these tech-lite changes sooner… blah, blah, blah.

As it turns out, my dear friends, all of that is true. With just one small caveat…

You have to work at it.

If you want to cut back on the mindless social media time, the useless information gathering, the pointless surfing – you have to work at it.

And the first week of the Tech-Lite Challenge, I did work at it. And I saw awesome benefits. Worthwhile benefits.

The past week, though, I slipped.

It wasn’t a catastrophic slip, mind you, but slip I did. I found myself back on familiar ground:

  • carrying the iPhone in my pocket
  • laptop open throughout the day
  • stress levels were higher – I felt pulled in too many directions
  • my patience with the kids was much lower
  • checking in on social media more often than necessary, with no specific purpose in mind
  • reading blogs on my phone when I was putting off a task, like cleaning or ironing
  • looking at email first thing in the morning, before I got out of bed, but not answering it


Sometimes It’s Good to Take A Fall.

Slipping up has been good for me.

And even better is knowing that I was aware of it almost straightaway. I was mindful of how I felt. I was paying attention.

So now I can re-focus and concentrate on breaking these habits for good.


It’s Not All Bad…

In fact, lots more has been getting done since I started the Challenge:

I’ve started going to the gym most mornings (at 5:00am – because I’m an idiot) 

When I’m there I listen to podcasts or audio books, and feel like I’ve achieved something before breakfast. Not only have I exercised, but I also feel like I’ve learnt something that day.

For me, that means I am far less likely to browse online during the day, looking for information to satisfy my curious brain.

I’ve been writing far more.

The mornings I don’t go to the gym, I get up to write. And when I do that, I keep my social media tabs closed, emails turned off and some quiet, distraction-free music playing on Spotify.

I’ve knocked out 5 guest posts for various blogs, as well as 10 more for Slow Your Home.

{Speaking of which, did you see my recent post on Life…Your Way? “What’s the One Thing Every Home Needs? White Space.”}


This Tech-Lite Challenge is teaching me things. Lots of things. Good things. Things I am not so happy to admit about myself. But things I need to know if I want to slow down and live a simpler, happier life. Which I do, of course.


Have you been going Tech-Lite in August? How are you finding it? Any challenges you’ve found difficult to overcome? Has it been easier than you expected? Head on over to Crash Test Mummy and let us know how you’re going.

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  1. Slip ups can help. I was guilty of checking my email in bed and not responding straight away. I asked myself “why bother?” Just check them and action them when you’ve got time!

    I’ve posted an update today too. Some tips on how to make more use of your time online. I’m loving this challenge. It’s so liberating. I’m very impressed at all your writing!

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