Slow is boring.

Slow is boring.

In today’s hectic, win at all costs, strive for cheaper, higher, faster, louder world, slow gets a bad rap.

Slow means saying no. Slow means missing out. Slow is lazy. Slow is boring. Slow is beige.

And yes, there is bad slow. (My internet this week, for example.)

But since adopting a slower pace, my life has become immeasurably more interesting. It’s become more active. I’ve said yes to more incredible things than I ever thought possible. My life has become anti-beige.

Really? Ask the nay-sayers.

How can slow – plodding, ponderous, lagging, sluggish, leaden – be anything but boring?

But slow is the precise shade of lavender in an incredible sunset.

Slow is noticing the smell of wet earth after the rain.

Slow is committing to memory the sound of my kids playing.

Slow is having time for long conversations.

Slow is having the energy to help others.

Slow is saying yes to Sunday afternoon bushwalks and siestas.

Slow is putting the phone down when I’m talking to someone.

Slow is making time for yoga.

Slow is tilting.

Slow is out of my comfort zone.

Slow is establishing what my comfort zone looks like and happily dwelling there sometimes.

Slow is time in nature.

Slow is saying yes to adventure.

Slow is travelling and learning and really seeing new places.

Slow is stopping to notice.

Slow is making space for the things I love. And then enjoying them.

Slow is understanding that life is fast and time is precious.

Slow is making the most of both those things.



16 Responses to Slow is boring.

  1. AGREED! Slow adds time for new adventures. Anything but boring! I have discovered so many more new and memorable experiences after deciding to go slow.

  2. I LOVE this piece! And I love your blog!
    I have wanted a slower, peaceful life for a long time. I have made progress, but still have a long way to go. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for all of the encouragement and tips!

  3. Slow is pausing an online class to be there for your family when your kid’s grandad is diagnosed with brain cancer.
    Slow is staring out the window while you eat breakfast instead of at a computer screen.

    Those are a couple I’ve been able to add to my slow home this year.
    Thank you, Brooke, for focusing on slow.

  4. I think for me slow is “lazy” is more of a trigger word than boring. It’s the word that makes me want to prove my worth and that I have something to show at the end of the day. But you have to fight against that impulse to prove your not boring or lazy or whatever, because being fully present and choosing the slow, good route to travel has value and color. Thanks Brooke for the good reminder that the slow work is the good work.

  5. Thank you for so clearly articulating what I’m pursuing: living intentionally…taking the time to notice, to know, and to be in nature.
    Slowly slowing,

  6. Thank you. This fits in well with some reflective work I am doing … and resisting!! So I appreciate the encouragement from another voice to slow down .

  7. I never thought I would love slow. I am a naturally fast-paced person. But when I discovered yoga and meditation, I had an epiphany. Slow means being aware of what is going on inside and out of yourself. Which makes it easier to achieve well-being. Great post!

  8. Really love this. Thanks. We have consciously been embracing a slower pace over the past few months thanks in part to your blog. (Love the name by the way.) My biggest challenge has been finding ways to slow my thoughts enough to also commit “to memory the sound of my kids playing.” There are moments with my young children that I think “oh please let me remember this,” which only stands a chance if my mind is racing away into the distance! Keep writing. You’re inspirational.

  9. Slow is waiting for me, but you definitely saw out of the box “Slow is understanding that life is fast and time is precious.” I could not agree more! I love how I long for it to be slow when I’m with my family.