Why a Broken iPhone is a Good Thing.

{via Clifford Joseph Kozak on Flickr}

Saturday morning, 6am, I wake up and grab my iPhone from my bedside table, planning to check my emails, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and my favourite blogs – like I do every morning. (The time may change – as anyone with little ones will tell you, “routine” is a fluid concept – but it is something I do every morning.)


Nothing. Busted. Black. Broken screen.

Without my phone I was all at sea, but it made me realise a few things:

  • I check my phone – alot.
  • The world won’t stop if I take a break for a few days.
  • Checking my phone first thing in the morning stops me from getting my day started.


So, while I will replace my iPhone (seriously – once I went iPhone I was never going back!) I’m going to be much more mindful of how I use it.

Instead of leaving my phone on my bedside table overnight, I’ll leave it in the kitchen.

Instead of checking my email/blogs/analytics/Twitter immediately, I’ll get my day started first. That means getting dressed, bed made, blinds open, face washed, simple stretches, coffee on – or at least a few of those things!

Instead of keeping it in my pocket all day, I’ll leave it on the hallway table. This will cut down on how often I check it, because guaranteed, “quickly checking my emails” leads to checking Twitter, reading a new post on one of my favourite blogs, leaving a comment and browsing Sydney Morning Herald website. Bye-bye 10 minutes. And, seriously, my time is more important than that.

Bottom line: slowing down and simplifying means not being beholden to things. Not giving importance to stuff. Even if that stuff is really awesome and genuinely helpful.

How about you? Do you suffer iPhone addiction too? Does it bother you?

2 Responses to Why a Broken iPhone is a Good Thing.

  1. Currently lying in bed reading this on my iPhone while kids play nice downstairs waiting for promised breakfast pancakes.

    I’ll just read one more post …

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