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K.I.S.S: Chaos Reigns. Time to Make Friends with it.

Lately I feel as though I’ve been hit about the head with the crazy stick. Renovations, sick kids, parties to organise and host, the terrible twos, health troubles of my own, Sparky’s insane work schedule, keeping some semblance of a social life (barely) and running the house have all left me reeling.

I figured, when this new level of crazy didn’t disappear after a couple of weeks, that it must be the new kind of normal so I’ve decided to embrace the chaos rather than fight against it.

A clever lady once told me:

“Only be as organised as you need to be.”

While another said:

“Your house should be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be fun.”

I want to simplify life, not crowd it with stress and anxiety. So I’m accepting the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and many, many things that need doing and that means something has to give. Sometimes that’s housework, sometimes social engagements, sometimes showering(!) I just think it’s important for me to be an active participant in choosing to do (and not do) certain things each day.

I am a worrier (particularly of what others think of me) and a stresshead by nature so I’m sure this will take some work, but I feel as though I’m making peace with the craziness that is this stage of our life. And what’s more, I’m starting to like it.

Repurposing: Craft By Using What You’ve Got

Sparky and I are still very much in the furnishing and decorating phase of the renovation (not to mention the painting phase…ahem) and we’re on the look out for quirky bits and pieces to adorn the walls. Proviso: we don’t have a lot of cash to spend on this stuff at the moment, so we’ve been looking at what we already have and ways to reuse and repurpose it into wall ‘art'(?).

I subscribe to frankie, and every issue they include a pretty wall poster by an emerging artist. Last issue was a world map, which I loved. I’m kind of past the whole “stick posters to the wall with Blutac” thing – it just reminds me of my high school days way too much (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I’m talking about you in particular) but I wanted to see it on the wall somehow.

I dug around in my project box (where I keep odd photo frames, cardboard, paper and fabric offcuts etc) and found some old white frames that I’ve lost the glass for. Perfect! I cut the map to fit and presto! I already had another white frame decorated with felt offcuts, which coincidentally matched the map colours well, so I think I’ll hang these three together somewhere.

From these…

…to these!

I did something similar with more felt offcuts a few weeks ago, and while the photo is craptacular, I’m actually really happy with the result. I showed the mirror repurpose a few weeks ago, and these pieces are just continuing the theme.

Isy helped me with the top right-hand piece, hence the reason it’s much more beautiful than the others.

I really love being able to pull things together from scrap and leftovers. Sure, it’s not high art. It’s probably not even art at all. But I love it nonetheless.

Get Out(side)! Plus the Clean-Out Continues…

Ahoy! I hope you all had wonderful long weekends? A pretty wet affair here in Sydney unfortunately. We managed to get one day’s worth of outside work done though, which felt so, so, very good (nothing beats gardening and outdoor work to chill my mind and work my muscles) and we now know exactly where the vege garden will be going in a month or two, as well as the fruit trees, compost bins and chook run. I’m ridiculously excited! I’ll be sure to take some photos of the work as it progresses.

Aside from the garden planning, I managed to have another big clear out of our storage room, and have culled another 4 big garbage bags of clothes and toys that can go to Vinnies. I also finally organised the craft cupboard and went through all my remaining jewellery stock. I only have one crate of it left, so it’s gradually going. I can’t tell you how much better I feel with every cull I do. Just releasing ourselves from the excess stuff we’ve accumulated is seriously liberating.

I estimate that I’ve got about another 6 crates worth of stuff that can go, it’s just a matter of sorting through it all to find what I need to keep, what I really, really want to keep (remember: love it or get rid of it) and what can go.

Happy-Making: Instagram and Yoga

Geeking out for my regular Friday happy post. I’m so ridiculously addicted to Instagram (are you on it? let me know!) and have started to find excuses to take photos of pretty, unexpected things just so I can play around with them on IG. It’s actually been great – it’s seen me take note and appreciate the little things a bit more.

Also, I’ve always loved the idea of yoga, and any time I actually try it I find myself much more centred, chilled and just healthier in myself, but I’ve never had the cash or consistent time to make it a regular thing. About a month ago I found this yoga (for iPhone) app and it. is. awesome. Best $2.49 I’ve ever spent.

So if you’re into yoga or interested in starting, I totally recommend it. (And I’m not being paid for this – it really has helped my state of mind so much, and in turn is a massive happy-maker.)

This long weekend is due to be a chilly one, but we’re going to make the most of it, with a stew cook-off, maybe some painting, a bit of op-shopping and tons of chill time on the lounge. Maybe a red wine or two. Or three.

Hope yours is full of fabulousness too! x