Cheap-As Tuesday: Chicken and Mushroom Casserole

This is what Sparky and I like to call, “A bogan special,” meaning it’s a bit low-rent but a lot delicious, so who cares. Plus, I’ve been called worse than a bogan over the years!

It’s easy, comforting, tasty and Isy eats it, so it floats my boat – especially this time of the year!

You’ll need:

nob of butter
1 onion, sliced
1kg chicken thigh, trimmed
a few good handfuls of button mushrooms, sliced
2 tins of cream of asparagus soup
brown rice, to serve

1. In an ovenproof pan (we use a cast-iron one and they are the best things ever) heat your butter on a high heat and add the onion. Cook until soft.
2. Add your chicken, trying to get some of each fillet on the base of the pan. You want to brown it well, to seal the flavour in. It doesn’t matter if some sticks to the base of the pan – that’s where the flavour comes from.
3. Add your mushrooms and soup. Combine and bring to the boil.
4. Pop the lid on and put the pan into a moderate oven (180C). Cook for 45min-1 hour. 

We have ours with brown rice (and some steamed veges are a good idea too – the plate is fairly beige without them!)


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