How to Clean Your Toilet Without Chemicals

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Cleaning the toilets is no-one’s idea of a good time. But it has to be done. Otherwise the neighbours will talk. Your friends will talk. Your toilet will breed life forms of its own that, if left long enough, will learn to talk.

You’ll need:

  • Borax (you can buy this at your supermarket, in the cleaning aisle. It comes in powdered form and, while natural, I wouldn’t let your kids or pets eat it.)
  • White vinegar in a spray bottle
  • Clean, damp Chux cloth
  • Clean, dry cloth (microfibre cloths are great for this – reusable, washable and they polish at the same time)
  • Rubber gloves (very optional – I never use them but if you’re squeamish about putting your hands in the toilet, then grab yourself a reusable pair)

1. Flush your toilet so that the sides of the bowl are wet.

2. Sprinkle the sides of the bowl liberally with the borax powder

3. Spray the inside of the bowl with vinegar, making sure to thoroughly wet the borax.

4. Spray the rest of the toilet with the vinegar. (It is antibacterial – acting as a very effective cleaner for the entire toilet suite.)

5. Leave for 15 minutes or while you clean the rest of the bathroom.

6. Using a damp, clean cloth, wipe over the toilet itself. Any marks should lift straight off once the vinegar has done its magic. Wipe clean the seat and the rim of the bowl.

7. Then, using the same cloth, give the inside of the bowl a quick scrub, being sure to reach under the rim. Finish by scrubbing the bottom of the bowl well. The borax settles there and acts as a scrubbing agent.

8. Use your clean, dry microfibre cloth (or old tea towel) to dry off the toilet.

This will leave the toilet sparkly, fresh smelling (the vinegar smell doesn’t linger) and just as clean as any supermarket-bought toilet cleaner. With the added benefits of being cheap, homemade and green!

Am I weird for not using gloves to clean the toilet? Do you use gloves? Or a hazmat suit?

5 Responses to How to Clean Your Toilet Without Chemicals

  1. As a professional cleaner who has just recovered from the 2nd bout of pneumonia in two years, I am trying to make the switch from fumey chemicals to all natural stuff for my business and my health. Thanks for the tips xx

  2. I am a professional cleaner and yes; I use gloves. Whether in a client’s house or in my own, a good pair of reusable gloves are a necessity. Spraying water and moving cleaners of any type around cause germs to go into the atmosphere, and that is one reason why I don’t keep toothbrushes in the open. Every time one flushes the toilet, one spreads some germs around. Plus, you move from one place to another in the house. Also, slips happen and you can lose grip of the washing cloth and have to reach into a filthy toilet. Better to be safe, as bathroom germs do not belong in the kitchen or anywhere else. Rinse the gloves in warm soapy water while still on; then remove them to drip dry somewhere.

  3. I don’t use gloves when cleaning the toilet but I do wash my hands with soap and water when done.