Gorgeous, Clutter Free Dining Tables

Over the weekend I received an email from one of the Slow Home BootCamp tribe. (Hi lovely Kristin!)

The Task #5 email had just gone out, which is all about learning to love empty space and then using that empty space to highlight a thing of beauty or meaning. (If you’re interested to know what it’s all about, you can learn more and sign up to the Slow Home BootCamp here.)

Not long after, Kristin emailed me and asked if I had any suggestions for simple, beautiful or meaningful decor that she could use for her dining table.

So today, a visual feast, for your clutter-free inspiration.

Beautiful, Clutter-Free Dining Tables

Clutter Free Dining Tables

More Clutter Free Dining Tables

The options are, quite literally, endless.

I love the idea of a completely bare dining table, just waiting for you to fill it with food, friends and family. But I know that’s a little too stark for a lot of people.

These gorgeous tables prove, though, that you absolutely don’t need clutter to have warmth and personality in your home. Do you agree? Or do you think they’re still too sparse? Let us know in the comments. x


How do you decorate your dining table?

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3 Responses to Gorgeous, Clutter Free Dining Tables

  1. Thank you for the inspiration! At the moment, I have settled on a lovely piece of driftwood (found on the beach uh-oh…probably not supposed to take that?) and it is a beautiful, natural sculpture xxx

  2. You’ve inspired me to get the table totally clear and now I’m determined to keep it that way too! We’ve got a large bowl on fruit on the table (more for necessity than beauty, so the 3 kids have an easily accessible snack).