The Days Are Long…

The days are long, but the years are short.

“The days are long but the years are short.”

Yes indeed they are. The days, at the moment, are very, very long.


Have you ever wished you were older? Only so your kids were older? And wouldn’t need you so much? So urgently? So constantly?

I caught myself thinking that over the weekend. And it made me sad.

Here I am, a bright, blessed, happy woman. I am fully aware that I have thousands of reasons to be grateful, yet I am willfully wishing the time away.


Just because my three-year-old is never, ever, ever quiet? Because she wants my company every waking moment? Because she isn’t keen on sleeping? Because she questions everything?

Just because our one-year-old is a stubborn, funny, energetic handful? Because he is curious to a fault? Because he climbs everything in sight? Because he eats everything else?

What shit reasons to wish my life away. Really.


Are you wishing your life away?

There is no accusation in that question. It really is a question.

Are you wishing your life away?

Why are you wishing your life away?

What is causing that tension between where you currently are in life and where you want to be?


Over the weekend I asked myself exactly those questions. And do you know what I discovered?

I wish my life away when I don’t have my priorities aligned.

When I’m not focused on living a simpler life.
When I let myself play the comparison game.
When I convince myself that I am not enough, so I need to start doing more.

The cracks start to show when am trying to cram too much into life.


Accept that the years are short

We’re in the midst of the crazy baby/toddler/pre-school years. I am taking it on blind faith that they will end, and that one day our kids will be more independent.

You may be in the midst of the newborn baby phase. Or the primary school years. The teenage years. The kids-are-grown-and-having-their-own-babies years.

Regardless, I think you will agree with me – the years ARE short.

Whatever the current inconvenience, stress or struggle – it won’t last forever. Many have come before us, many will come after.


What’s important – right now?

If you want to live in the moment, be mindful, be intentional – you need to understand what’s important. And then focus on that.

You simply cannot be focused on everything at once. It’s impossible.

And you can so easily lose sight of what’s important. You can get caught up in the day-to-day inconveniences of your current situation. The little things. The insignificant things. The frustrating things.

And these are not the things we should be focused on. These are not the important things.

Ask yourself:

What’s important right now?

Not tomorrow. Not next week, or next year, or in 10 years time.

What is important right now?

And if you answer that question honestly – and I mean really honestly – then you will have your priorities laid out in front of you with very little trouble.


What is important to you right now? Where does your focus need to be?


There’s no doubt life can be fast. Often too fast. Too much. Too stressful. Too overwhelming. On days like that we will tell ourselves there’s no time to slow down. We’re too busy, too stressed, too over-worked to waste time.

But there’s always time for a little slow, even on the busiest day, and if you don’t think you have time for five minutes of slow, then you really will benefit from it

There’s no doubt life can be fast. Often too fast. Too much. Too stressful. Too overwhelming. On days like that we will tell ourselves there’s no time to slow down.
But there’s always time for a little slow, even on the busiest day. Join us for 365 Days of Slow and commit to a moment of slow, every day for a year. Learn more and sign up right here.


6 Responses to The Days Are Long…

  1. The most important thing for me right now is congratulating you on this post.

    Love you and how far you’ve come.

  2. Great post. really great post! And as I walked towards the study to log in on the computer today, I quickly cleared the couple of things OFF the dinner table and now, its a clear beautiful clutter free table. Thanks for that post too!

  3. Wow. You’ve nailed it again Brooke! I can relate to this. I spend Tuesday afternoon (which are very l o n g indeed wishing the girls were at daycare then missing them all Wednesday when they are. I also find myself lurching through the week waiting for the weekend ( when my husband is not at the office) and thinking it will be fabulous-only to find a lot of the time there is so much pressure on them TO be fabulous that they rarely are. How mixed up is that? Yes I am guilty of wishing my life away to get to the “good bits” not realizing that the good bits are right in front of me, right now. Thanks for the reminder. : )

  4. I had this same realisation a couple of months back. That was just before I found your blog. Thank you! (only my kids range from 8 months to 9 years and there are 4 of them)

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