Dear Internet, Stop Making Me Feel Like Shit.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It.
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Except, it isn’t the internet that makes me feel like shit, is it?

It’s me making me feel like shit.

We’re surrounded by images of perfect homes, perfect parents, perfect kids. We are bombarded via Pinterest, Facebook and hundreds of thousands of lifestyle blogs, magazines and websites. It is so easy to believe the photos, the light-hearted way perfect lives are described.

But come on. We’re intelligent people. We know that everyone has crappy days, weeks, months. Everyone yells at their kids. Everyone fights with their partners. Everyone has stages in life where the clutter and the mess and the stuff that doesn’t feed our souls takes over. And you feel overwhelmed, undervalued, absent.

I love a good lifestyle blog, a good Instagram feed, a good few minutes perusing Pinterest. But it is not real life. It’s no-one’s real life – but it’s particularly not mine.

We are choosing to give these myths credit. We are choosing to compare our lives to these edited, censored glimpses. And it’s wrong.

We are left sapped of our energies, feeling inadequate, less than. And do you know what, folks? We are doing this to ourselves.

I propose we put these beautiful images, these perfect glimpses, these wonderful ideas and magazine-worthy lives where they belong. As entertainment. As “sometimes” fun and occasional frivolity. Let’s stop allowing them to make us feel like shit.

Because you are enough. And if you think you’re lacking, then looking at images of impossibly perfect toddler birthday parties on Pinterest sure as hell won’t help you get any better.

{Full credit for this post’s inspiration goes to Beth at Revolution From Home. I came across this amazing post on Twitter and really wanted to share my thoughts.}

9 Responses to Dear Internet, Stop Making Me Feel Like Shit.

  1. Really really like this post. For the record, I had a crappy weekend. I had a migraine start last Tuesday that roared through the whole weekend. Cane and I are struggling with some things, which seem to really emerge only when the kids aren’t here. Because, duh, that’s when it gets quiet enough for us to really hear and see things–but it means, dammit, that we didn’t get to use our kid-free time enjoying each other. We got to use it doing the work of the relationship. So, there weren’t any great, inspiring moments to capture on film. I really try to walk a line in our blog. I want to be real, but I also want to be useful to other people. So, we tend to focus on the good stuff–or, at least, the good lessons we can take from the bad stuff. I always know that the lives I see online are edited versions, just like the one we share is. But a reminder now and then is very helpful. THank you for giving me one.

  2. Thanks, Brooke!! So glad when we can gain little bits from eachothers’ experiences and find commonality woven throughout our lives. Feels good.

    • Thanks, Beth. Your post really struck a chord with me – I just hope you didn’t mind me referencing it?

      I have to say, your family’s story is incredible. I’ve just eaten up the last 12 months of posts on your site. Really inspiring stuff!

  3. I definitely know that feeling. As I’m starting to try to step back from the consumerism and culture that creates all these images, I notice more and more how big the gap between images of “reality” and actual reality is. And the funny thing is, I don’t really actually want all those things I look at and think, “Wow!”. I think we collect these images and ideas sometimes without ever considering why we’re doing it.

    Also, I love the image you paired with this post — perfect!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Erin! I often find myself thinking, “And why have I spent 10 minutes looking at this or that on Pinterest? I have no desire for any of it.”

      It’s an odd world we live in, isn’t it??

  4. This is why I stopped reading interiorblogs, I got feedup with all “perfect homes” that did´nt look at all like my place. But sometimes it´s hard to stay away, I try to read other blogs that give me inspiration to actually DO something myself instead of reading about people who have done something. I found your blog today and really like this post, I´ll read some more of your posts now. Thanks.

  5. I just found your blog and so thankful I did! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You took my exact thoughts out of my head and it’s so nice to have found some like-minded peeps.

    You rock!

  6. I love what you guyys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the good works gugs I’ve added you
    guhys to blogroll.