Dear Parenthood

Thanks for kicking my butt. 99% of the time I really love this gig, but then there are times where you floor me. This is one of those times.

Sorry for the break in transmission, folks. I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posting soon.

* Note: Sparky just asked me to clarify – this is lipstick, not blood. In fact it is, or rather was, my only red, birthday present from Sparky, Chanel lipstick. And now it’s all gone. Bummer, dude.

3 Responses to Dear Parenthood

  1. I hear ya!! To lighten things up take a look at Makes me think my day could have been worse. X

  2. Hehehe. Thanks for this link, Mili. Sparky and I had a good chuckle over a glass of wine, secretly pleased that we haven't ended up on that site (yet). ;)