Digital Sabbatical

So I have a secret to share.

With the upcoming release of Romper, I’m struggling a little under the pressure of trying to do too much.

And that isn’t really walking the simplicity walk, is it?

So rather than risk being a hypocrite, I have decided to take a 2-week digital break. I won’t be answering email, tweets or Facebook messages. In fact, I won’t be checking any of them until Monday 11th November.

But when I get back, I have something really, really exciting to share with you. (And it’s all about how you can get involved with Romper before it launches to the world).

So, in advance, I’m sorry if you need to talk to me. I promise, I will be back soon.

Brooke xx

PS. I have scheduled some excellent posts for the coming two weeks, so you probably won’t even know I’m gone!

4 Responses to Digital Sabbatical

  1. Hi!

    It must be hard for a blogger to stop blogging (no matter for how long), so your “digital break” is also inspiring :)
    If we only have the capacity to do everything with half-hearted or half-minded, maybe we should do half of them with a full heart and mind…

    Good luck with Romper!

  2. Good for you!!! I’m actually doing the exact same thing (announcing it tomorrow – October 24th — through Monday, November 4th). I have just got to finish the final edits on my book!!! So I’ll see ya after we both get back!