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Bundle of the Week #47: The Best Year Yet

In late 2012, I wrote and published Destination: Simple – Rituals and Rhythms for a Simpler Daily Life. Since then it has been read by over 8,000 people looking to create an easier day-to-day rhythm in their life and home. 

To kick off an amazing 2014, I’m really excited to tell you that for the next week only, Destination: Simple will be available for 75% off the regular price, as part of the exclusive Best Year Yet ebook bundle.

This collection of ebooks is designed to encourage and equip you to live life intentionally. The books contain tips and advice on how to get organised and create a greener home, as well as guidance to help you simplify, unplug and slow down this year.

This week only (until January 13), you can get all 5 books for $7.40. (That’s over 75% off.)

The five books included in the bundle are:

100 Days of a New Year {2014} by Jennifer Tankersley

The 100 Days of a New Year 2014 eBook will inspire and motivate you daily to set goals in all areas of your life: family, finances, home, community, and more. With a daily dose of inspiration for navigating a new year, Jennifer leads you through 100 days to a more-focused you. As a bonus, you get 75 lists and worksheets from to guide and motivate you to set goals, better manage your health and finances, and clean and organize your home.

The 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner Plus Supplement Pack by Susan Heid

The 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner breaks down household tasks into manageable daily and weekly bite size pieces, utilizing smaller increments of time to keep the tasks from becoming too large and overwhelming. This year’s planner includes the option to digitally customize your pages. Choose between a “blank” version to set the tasks that fit your household or the “suggested tasks” version with pre-filled daily tasks and then customize it further to make it work for you. Plus, you’ll get the supplemental pack with a dozen customizable sheets to help you stay organized!

The Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae

In The Unwired Mom, Sarah Mae shares her story of Internet addiction. But she doesn’t stop there. She also shares encouragement and inspiration to engage in and enjoy your life, practical ideas and strategies to be aware of and control your online time, and ideas to help your children have healthy boundaries with the internet. In addition, you’l find a two-week challenge designed to help you create healthy online habits (includes daily challenges, “engage your life” ideas, and a journaling exercises). If you want to live free in an internet-addicted world, this ebook is for you!

Destination: Simple by Brooke McAlary

Destination: Simple isn’t a decluttering book. It won’t help you organize your pantry or simplify your wardrobe. Instead, this book is about harnessing the power of rituals and rhythms to simplify your daily life. It’s about being intentional with your daily actions and using them to create the life you want – a simpler, happier life. You’ll discover why rhythm is better than routine, how to find peaceful moments in your busiest days, where you can find time to unplug from the digital world, how to empty your mind and sleep better, how to prioritise your daily tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed, and the power of practicing gratitude.

Accidentally Green by Hilary Kimes Bernstein

Why in the world would one “normal” family decide to go green? And how did they do it? In Accidentally Green, Hilary shares the nitty gritty details about how and why her family began making healthy changes. Divided into six different chapters, this ebook chronicles six distinct phases in Hilary’s green journey with specific details that worked for her family plus questions and resources to help readers examine their own lives. Although Hilary’s journey is rooted in her Christian faith, this ebook offers practical resources for every family.

You can head over to Bundle of the Week for more information, and to grab your books today.


2014 in 2014 Declutter Challenge - coming soon.

On another note, I have received so many emails from readers asking about the 2014 in 2014 Declutter Challenge. I love how enthusiastic everyone is to get the Challenge underway! Rest assured, I’m working on it and will have more information (and an awesome free guidebook) coming later in the week.

If you’re looking specifically to declutter your home in 2014, you’re in the right place. Give me another couple of days and we can all dive in together!

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