Busy and slow – can they co-exist?

Can you live slow if you’re someone who enjoys being busy? What if you’re a Type A, go-getter? Or someone who prides themselves on setting goals and kicking them every single time?

In today’s episode (the second-last of the season!) I chat with Elisa, who has spent the past year shedding many layers and self-beliefs, but now finds herself stuck on how to distil the myriad ideas she’s absorbed in to real, lasting change – without reverting to living fast.

It’s a curious tension, this desire to slow down while also feeling the need speed up in order to do so, and Elisa isn’t alone in wanting it. She and I talk a lot about my belief that slow and fast don’t need to be mutually exclusive, as well as the question of whether ‘slow’ is even the right word to move forward with.

Elisa shares the catalyst for making changes in her life before we dig in to the big questions of values and personal identity. As a mum who is just emerging from the parenting very young children phase, Elisa also spends some time exploring the underlying motivations that might be driving her desire to be constantly busy.

I talk about finding contentment in the now, no matter how imperfect, before we’re joined by none other than goals coach extraordinaire, Jacki Carr. We have a very juicy discussion on how to uncover our personal values and design our legacy, and Jacki (a self-confessed go-getter and serial goal kicker) has some incredible suggestions for Elisa to find pockets of slow intention in even the busiest of days. We also talk about how Jacki has reclaimed space for herself amidst the work of parenting, working and living a values-aligned life.

We’ll be back next week with a final hostful for the year, but until then, enjoy!

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