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McAlary Family Words
Summing it up – the McAlary Family Words.

Do you have a code by which you live your life?

I’m sure you have morals and standards and ethics by which you operate (and operate beautifully, might I add), but if you had to condense those down to a handful of words, could you? Off the top of your head?

It’s not an easy thing to do.


In our kitchen we have a pinboard and chalkboard for keeping notices, bills, photos etc. On the chalkboard Sparky and I wrote our family words at the beginning of the year:

Dream big. Work Hard. Love.

(The only change I would make now is to love openly.)

If I had to sum up our approach to life, that would be the briefest version.

While the idea of family words is a Game of Thrones geekism, the thought of having a simple, beautiful, positive framework from which we can operate is such a cool thought.

I have to be honest – I don’t refer back to these words much. Not daily, and not weekly. But when I do catch a glimpse of them, half-buried on the chalkboard, underneath clutter countdowns and pre-school papers, I feel good. Safe. Solid.

Everybody wants to belong somewhere. To have a safe home port. Roots and wings, as they say. And this code, these family words, this framework – they are our roots. They are our wings.

Dream big. Work hard. Love openly.

What are your family words? What do you value most for your loved ones and yourself?

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  1. Dear Brooke,
    Your blog has definitely become one of my very very favorites!
    As a single mom of a teenage daughter, it’s hard for me to consider we are a real familly… However, we have values:




    • Sorry, I pressed the wrong key. :-(

      So the last one is:


      I wish you a great week-end!!!


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