How do I start?

Just as there is no one right way of living a happy, fulfilled, values-centred life, there is no one right way of moving from where you are now to where you’d like to be. Please don’t waste your energy comparing your path to that of a friend, a sister, or a slow living writer. Comparison is a losing game and I’d much prefer to see you run your own race.

But having said that, I’d always encourage you to start with Why. Episode 150 of the podcast goes in to depth on why finding your Why is so important and I’d encourage you to take a listen.

Essentially, having a Why in place, even a general idea of one, helps in so many ways. Your Why can:

  • provide a foundation on which to build the kind of life you want, supporting it and giving it strength over time
  • help make decisions simpler (not easier, necessarily)
  • direct your choices and actions
  • help you to recognise that you stand for something, you’re not merely existing or being a passenger in life
  • provide you with reasons to give and the confidence to give them when someone questions your choices
  • help support you when you feel overwhelmed or wrong or conflicted
  • act as a touchstone in your life – by checking in regularly you can stay connected with your Why and feel sure of the reasons for your choices and actions.