Flip It.

choose happiness

Today’s assignment: Take the coin that is your mindset and flip it.

Otherwise known as: Choose positivity. Opt for happiness. Promote optimism.

If your go-to response in times of stress or indecision is to choose tails – to choose negativity, frustration, resentment, anger, fear, jealousy or comparison, today, all you need to do – just once – is flip it.

Choose heads.

Choose positivity.

Opt for happiness.

Promote optimism.

Just one time today – STOP – and instead of choosing tails:

Choose to say “I love you” when you really want to scream.

Choose to be thankful for your beautiful body instead of scathing of its perceived flaws.

Choose to congratulate yourself when you play with the kids instead of clean the toilet.

Choose to be content when you clean the toilet instead of playing with the kids. (Because sometimes – it’s just gotta get done.)

Choose to see the positive side of an ambivalent comment.

Choose to accept that the rude woman at the supermarket may be going through a rough patch.

Choose to smile at strangers.

Choose to dance it out when your frustration rises.

Choose to breathe deeply and say, “I am awesome” when you feel invisible.

Choose to see the good in people rather than the bad.

Choose to believe that positivity attracts more positivity and your world will feel infinitely brighter each time you do.

Tell us, what would you choose to flip? Then, go out and flip it!

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    • Thanks lovely! I was trying to get a decent photo for my avatar when Toby and the dog peeked in. Love an unscripted one!

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