5 Awesome Activities for your Preschooler

5 fun activities for preschoolers

Imagine this: You are a book fiend. You love to read. Biographies, poetry, fiction. Anything. You will read anything to quench your thirst for words.

One day, a mean, old boss lady comes and takes away all but three of your precious books. And says you may get them back one day, when she has time. Or when you’ve eaten your vegetables.  Or when she’s finished the ironing.

So you return to the same three books, over and over. Because you love reading. But it’s pretty bloody boring reading the same ones again and again.

This is how I imagine Isla feels when I roll out the same three creative play time options:

That the mean, old boss lady (ahem, me) won’t let her try new things. And while painting is really fun and awesome, surely there is something else she can try?

Pwease? Pwease, Mum?


5 Super Easy Creative Play Activities for your Preschooler

I don’t know about you, but these sound ridiculously fun and super awesome and I can’t wait to try them myself the kids are going to love them. What’s more, they don’t cost much (if anything – most of what you need you most likely have at home), are easy to make, non-toxic and the kids can use their imagination – which, let’s face it, is the best toy of all.

What are the go-to activities in your house? What do the kids always want to do if given the choice?


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