Get Out(side)! Plus the Clean-Out Continues…

Ahoy! I hope you all had wonderful long weekends? A pretty wet affair here in Sydney unfortunately. We managed to get one day’s worth of outside work done though, which felt so, so, very good (nothing beats gardening and outdoor work to chill my mind and work my muscles) and we now know exactly where the vege garden will be going in a month or two, as well as the fruit trees, compost bins and chook run. I’m ridiculously excited! I’ll be sure to take some photos of the work as it progresses.

Aside from the garden planning, I managed to have another big clear out of our storage room, and have culled another 4 big garbage bags of clothes and toys that can go to Vinnies. I also finally organised the craft cupboard and went through all my remaining jewellery stock. I only have one crate of it left, so it’s gradually going. I can’t tell you how much better I feel with every cull I do. Just releasing ourselves from the excess stuff we’ve accumulated is seriously liberating.

I estimate that I’ve got about another 6 crates worth of stuff that can go, it’s just a matter of sorting through it all to find what I need to keep, what I really, really want to keep (remember: love it or get rid of it) and what can go.

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  1. Hi Brooke
    I found your blog on the weekend and, as well as loving it, I'm totally inspired! Well done on all your culling, I'm going through a similar stage myself. Moving out of the city in a couple of months and I don't want to be taking a whole lot of unnecessary "stuff". Working on the storage room tonight – what a great feeling!

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