Grow Something. Then Eat It.

Chamomile. Strawberries. Tomatoes.

Chives. Rocket. Thyme.

Even if you have precisely zero free time, that’s plenty for these virtually-no-care edibles.

You will feel an amazing/ridiculous swell of pride when you go out to your garden or balcony and cut those herbs, pluck those chamomile flowers, or pick those tomatoes. You will feel a beautiful, if fleeting connection to the earth, and if you have kids, you will be teaching them that food doesn’t actually come from the supermarket.

Just start small. Buy a couple of seedlings from the nursery (don’t worry about organic/heirloom etc yet. Just get your gardening eye in). Pop them in a good sized pot with premium potting mix, or a well-drained spot in the garden. Water them well and regularly. (Every couple of days in warm weather).

My number one tip: treat them regularly with Seasol – a seaweed-based tonic. It promotes root growth and strong, healthy plants. You just mix a capful in your watering can and give the plants a good dose once a fortnight.

I’m no gardening expert, so feel free to ignore my advice, but aside from what I mentioned above, I do very little to my plants. Occasional pruning, the odd dose of liquid fertiliser and keep the water up to them in hot or windy weather.

My point here is not to give you some half-arsed gardening tips – my point is to encourage you outside. To get your hands dirty. To smell the damp earth. To watch something grow.

Doing this forces you to slow down. Just for a minute. And, particularly at this time of year, that’s something I think we all need a little dose of, don’t you?

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