Happy-Making: Something Beautiful and True.

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Sometimes we simply need to appreciate beauty. There may be no logical reason for the beauty. No end to its means. No summation.

It just is.

And that is enough.

Sometimes we need reminding to look for it. Because we’re too caught up in the crappy week, the busy days, the exhausted nights. The day-to-day and the need-to-dos. The life stuff.

I tell you what else is part of the life stuff?

  • Bird song early in the morning
  • A spider’s web
  • A rainbow
  • Your kids’ laughter
  • Your loved one’s smile
  • The smell of rain on the earth
  • You, alone, running on the road
  • Play

This is a reminder I need to hear. Because lately, I’ve been ignoring the beauty. And it shows.

This weekend I’m going to rediscover it.

Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Have you found the beauty again? Or did you never lose it? (And how do you do that – I need to know!)


4 Responses to Happy-Making: Something Beautiful and True.

  1. This is something I have been thinking alot about lately and it was your photo that made me read this blog article (it’s so simple yet beautiful). I have been trying to take pleasure in the moments in between the important moments I try to create with my kids (you know, those pauses where you think nothing is happening but actually everything is happening). That is what is important! Tash

  2. Lovely reminder!

    I’ve tried to do this a lot more lately. Going for walks is a great way to appreciate beauty, the plant and bird life, even the feel of the sun and breeze on your face. Also definitely trying to revel in seeing my kids smile, that’s the most beautiful thing of all!

    Thanks for the timely reminder Brooke :)

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