Happy-Making: Sonic

{via Apartment Therapy}

Friday – hooray! That means family movie night tonight, a day in the garden tomorrow and hopefully a whole lot of chill-time.

Before I retire for the weekend though, here are some things that have made my week wonderful:

  • this article on the emotional bond we have to our stuff – via Becoming Minimalist
  • our sweet peas are finally blooming!
  • this incredible handmade treehouse/guesthouse in the Catskills – via Apartment Therapy
  • buying Isla’s summer wardrobe staples for under $100! (Thank you, ebay and Target)
  • spending six hours clearing out the store room and deciding we will be holding one Final Garage Sale Ever to clear out the things we no longer need (or never needed in the first place)
  • finally coming to terms with the fact that I really am finished with my jewellery business and deciding I will sell off the remaining stock/findings/elements/packaging to one buyer (if you’re interested, please let me know!)
  • 20 minutes, a cup of chamomile, nutella on toast and the new frankie
  • listening to the as-yet-unreleased album by our amazing cousin, Cody. Keep an ear out for Blood Red Moon – it’s incredible.
  • watching Toby eat his first (and second and third and fourth) piece of watermelon
  • sitting in a cafe, drinking a coffee reading the paper, alone. (I battled with guilt, believe me, but it was worth it!)
  • this hilarious offering from my brother-in-law and friends. if you or your man are into gaming, or you remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega MegaDrive as a kid  – check it out!

I hope your weekends are wonderful, and that you can take some time to just soak it in. Even ten minutes. Even if it means you have to get up at five AM. Like I did this morning. It’s worth it. I promise.

Coffee time!


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