Happy-Making: Head Off, Get Out, Unplug.

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The first days of a new year always finds me excited, optimistic, wondering at the possibilities and successes the coming year will bring. Anything is possible, and the only thing between those “anythings” and me is good, honest, hard work.

Then the year rolls on, bills need paying, kids get sick, the weather turns cool and we settle into the day-to-day. All of a sudden, those anythings feel a bit too much like work. A little too far away. Just out of reach, around the corner, not quite achievable.

That’s sad, isn’t it?

Last Sunday we took off for the day, headed to the beach, and generally ignored our day-to-day. And I can’t tell you how refreshing it was.

Just to be away. Removed. Unplugged.

It allowed us the space to enjoy each other’s company, play uninterrupted with the kids, hold a conversation, talk about the future. All without the incessant tap-tap-tapping of our relentless to-do list.

Suddenly, the anythings seemed closer again. The to-do’s less urgent. The dreams infinitely achievable. It was ace.

This weekend, we’ll be doing something similar. And we plan to do it every weekend this year. To head off, get out, unplug.

I hope your weekends are beautifully unplugged (even for an hour) and you and yours have the space to dream.





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