Happy-Making: Yarn Bombing

{images via Mamamia}

It’s that time of the week again! Friday afternoon! Crack open the champagne, turn on the disco ball, get ready to go crazy!

(And by that I mean: pop the popcorn, turn on the DVD player, get ready to watch Toy Story – again!)

Friday afternoons wouldn’t be quite the same though if I didn’t stop for a second and think on what has made us happy this week. Some weeks it’s harder to find those things, but they’re always there. Even if you have been thrown up on throughout the week.

  • Yarn Bombing makes my heart sing. There is no reason to it other than to bring happiness, colour and joy to the world. These images rock my world. {via Mamamia}
  • I started (and finished) three handmade Christmas presents this week – tutorial to come
  • Sparky had his leave approved for the Christmas holidays – and we’re going camping! It’s been two years and I can. not. wait.
  • I read this article and have started walking of a night when Sparky gets home from work. It’s only been a few days, but I’m digging it. {via Be More With Less}
  • I cleaned out our hideous Tupperware drawer and got it organised. Just in time for Isla to take a very keen interest in it. Awesome.
  • The countdown is on till our next little niece or nephew is born! Days away and we are so excited!

I hope you had some significant happy-making this week?

And I hope your weekends are wondrous, relaxing and happy. xx

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