Homemade, Handmade, Vintage or Repurposed – My Gift Challenge

Last weekend I received one of the most thoughtful and unique presents from my lovely brother- and sister-in-law. I loooove cheese, so they gifted me with this cute-as print above and a small wheel of the most delicious French cheese. Ever.

It stunk out their car on the way to our house, but seriously, it was worth it. Particularly for me, because I wasn’t actually in the car. And admittedly, when they first handed me the package I thought, “Why are they buying me manure?”

Anyway, these guys give really thoughtful presents all the time and it has inspired me to a challenge. Every gift I buy for the rest of the year needs to be either:

Homemade (by me or someone in this family)
Handmade (by an independent maker/fair trade/market stall)
Vintage (pretty self-explanatory)

Repurposed/Recycled (either by me or someone else)

I think it’s actually going to prove quite difficult, but I’m hoping it will also be super fun and allow me to get creative. Only drawback is it really requires organisation on my part, and when it comes to gifts, that is something I sorely lack.

Case in point: I had the idea to do a cross-stitch for Sparky for Christmas. It’s the logo of one of his old favourite bands from back in the day (Swedish punk – super fun!) and while I started back in October, this is where it currently stands:

Wonky and only half finished. And it’s not through lack of trying – I spend a couple of nights a week stitching away on this thing, it’s just so. time. consuming. Maybe it will be finished for next Christmas.

So I have tonnes of ideas, I just have to, you know, act on them.

And first things first, we have Easter coming up. So I’m going to brainstorm some sweet handmade/homemade Easter gifts for my nieces and nephews. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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