How to Start.

You want to start living a slower, simpler life? You can physically feel the weight of your possessions weighing you down? You are tired of feeling exhausted, strung out, stressed and cranky?

But you don’t know where to start, right?

I have been there.

In fact, I find myself there every single day. The only difference between us is that I have taken the first steps.

And that’s all you have to do to start simplifying and slowing down your life. Just start. Do one small thing. Don’t tackle the store room, the garage or the kids toy box[es]. They’re too big. You may get halfway through, become overwhelmed, stop, get disheartened and find yourself more discouraged than before.

           So, trust me, start small.

When people are trying to pay off multiple debts, they’re often told to put all their efforts into paying the biggest one first. Makes sense.

But the better way is to pay off the smallest one first. It will take less time, and you get a victory. You win. You beat that debt and won’t ever go back to it. This makes you hungry for more victory. So you focus on the next smallest debt. And so on. It snowballs and you build momentum.

I’m finding our journey towards slower and simpler is similar.

One day I cleaned out the kitchen drawer. You know the one – random utensils, chopsticks, a couple of lego blocks and a fine dusting of Weetbix crumbs and raw sugar at the bottom? Come on – everyone has one. No shame in it.

  • Next I tackled the medicine cabinet above the fridge.
  • Then the bathroom cabinet.
  • The hall stand.
  • The fridge.
  • Tupperware drawer.
  • Laundry shelf.
  • Cleaning cupboard.
  • Dry goods cupboard.

None of these is a big thing on its own. Most took me between ten minutes and an hour to do. But combine the impact of having a clear, decluttered kitchen, bathroom cabinets and wardrobes, and suddenly I felt lighter. And I hadn’t even started the big stuff yet.

So, truly, just set aside 15 minutes and tackle that one thing. Then let me know how you go.

I can almost guarantee it will prove addictive!


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