A Peek Inside My Green Cleaning Cupboard


Over the last six months I’ve been slowly refining my green cleaning techniques, and now I feel like I’ve streamlined it as much as possible. So I thought I’d give a peek into my cleaning cupboard to show all the elements together.

From the top:

Cleaning cloths – these are reusable (just throw them in the washing machine and line dry) and last for months. I use them to clean down everything in the bathrooms and laundry – mirrors, tiles, vanities, etc.

Microfibre cloths – to dry and polish surfaces.

Tea Tree Oil

Bicarb Soda

Borax x 2

Washing soda

Straight white vinegar

Vinegar/water mix (1:3 approx)

For more info on what you need to build your own Green Cleaning Toolkit, you can check out my ultimate guide to green cleaning supplies here.


5 Responses to A Peek Inside My Green Cleaning Cupboard

  1. Hi Brook, I just love your cleaning cupboard. I find that there is nothing better than a clean house that does not smell of toxic detergents. It’s impossible to feel healthy after someone has used cleaning products that are meant to keep everything free from germs yet you know you are slowly being poisoned. Today I have just opened your blog (as I am looking for other bloggers before mine goes live – one for inspiration but also it has been easy to connect to your information as it appeals to my logic.

    Keep up such good work

  2. Hi Brooke, I found your cleaning podcasts really useful in leaning how to use simple and cheap ingredients (love the rest of your podcast too of course). Just wondering if the link to the green cleaning toolkit is still working (I’m having trouble accessing). Thanks.

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