Joy in the Beautiful

our new Maltalier puppy

This (as yet, unnamed*) little guy joined our family yesterday. And while his floppy ears and gorgeous puppy-dog eyes are insanely sweet, the best part of his introduction has been the joy and immediate love shown by the kids.

We can all see and relish in the beauty of a new puppy, or an incredible sunrise, or an amazing song, but to take a moment and see how that beauty affects those around you is where the joy really lies.

We hear so often (and rightly so) that contentment lies in the ability to be grateful with what we have. To find joy in the everyday, beauty in the mundane. But to find the hidden joy in something that is already beautiful, is to share it with others.

In doing that, we see instantly that we are all connected. That no man is an island. That what we do, what we create, what we say and what we build has a direct impact on others. And that we can have a lasting effect on those around us by introducing them to beautiful experiences.


But also…he’s just a really freaking cute dog, right??


*Currently struggling on the name front. Isla has been adamant that his name is HoHo. I suggested Artie. Then I suggested Artie HoHo by way of a compromise. Sparky dislikes both of those options and has suggested Slash. Or Cash (The Man in Black). I’m happy with Cash. But now Isla is convinced his name is HoHo Marty. Or is that Marty LoLo?

Cash HoHo?

I don’t KnowKnow.

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    • We’ve gone with Cash!! Cash HoHo, to be precise. He is super cute, and fitting in beautifully. :)

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