K.I.S.S: Love it or get rid of it

so we bid a slow goodbye to our clutter…

In the never-ending quest to simplify our lives, Sparky and I have a heap of stuff we’d like to get rid of. Most of it is in really good condition, but we just have no need for it anymore (if we ever really did have a need for it to begin with).

So I’ve decided to start getting rid of five extra, unnecessary things every week. It’ll be like an ongoing declutter. I’ll either be selling them on ebay, donating to charity, giving them to someone I know who needs it, recycling or, as a very last resort, throwing them away.

This week we hope to bid adieu to these, via ebay:

barely used snowboarding mitts

dakine wrist guards – worn about three times
brand new ski gloves
good condition electric ski/board goggles

lightweight snowboarding jacket – worn three times max

heavy duty helly hansen snow jacket

Sparky and I lived and worked in Canada for a year a while back and fell for the snow big-time. Unfortunately we’ve only been once since coming home and the chances of us hitting the hills any time soon are slim to none. So it’s all going. Our snowboards, bindings and boots are on next week’s hit list!

Anyone else have some extra stuff around that they can clear out? I bet you’ll feel better if you do!

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