Tips on Reducing that F****** Ironing Pile.

I am very, very, very bad at keeping up with my ironing pile. Like, bad enough that there are clothes at the bottom of the basket that may or may not have been there since…May. That kind of bad.

I generally manage to take care of the top 75% every couple of weeks, but rarely seem to find time/motivation to finish it completely. (That’s probably a sure sign that we have more than enough clothes in this household, don’t you think?)

This has been something that’s bothered me for a while now. Growing up, my mum was Master of the Laundry. No sooner had you discarded your dirty clothes than they were in the washing machine, hung, dried, ironed and back on the bed. I grew up using this as one of many measures of competency at home.

And while that is super admirable and my hat is forever tipped to such Laundry Masters, my recently adopted path towards the simple life has seen me looking for a better way (for me). And as a result I’ve cut down so much on the amount of ironing I need to do, which leaves me time to do more pleasurable things, like scrape paint off windows or clean the toilet. Some tips for you:

1. Shake, shake, shake! 
My sister told me about this method, and it really works. As I’m hanging up the wet laundry, I give all the kids’ clothes, plus mine and Sparky’s tshirts, jeans, etc three really good, firm shakes before I peg them up. This plus line-drying generally takes care of most things.

2. Sort and fold straight away.
Not always practical, I know, but when I can I like to fold and sort the clothes as soon as they come inside or out of the dryer. It means they don’t get all creased up sitting in the basket for who knows how long.

3. Drop your standards a little. 
I can’t be sure, but I don’t think people talk about us behind our backs due to this non-ironing thing. “Oh, would you look at that rumply family? How embarassing for them. Can you believe they walk around with unironed clothes?”

Point being, I no longer iron tshirts, the kids clothes, pyjamas, outside work gear, exercise clothes, jeans, shorts etc. I iron Sparky’s work shirts, anything really creasy like cotton and linen, and a handful of my delicates. I will admit that I love ironing pillowcases and teatowels though. Weird, I know.

How about you? Do you iron? Do you avoid the ironing? Do you outsource it? Are you the Mayor of Wrinkle Town?

10 Responses to Tips on Reducing that F****** Ironing Pile.

  1. Haha… Don't iron is the only tip I have B! Send Sparkie to the dry cleaners near his office and pay $2 a shirt… Best money we ever spent. I am a tea towel ironer from way back but that fettish has gone by the wayside out of necessity these days… miss you xx

  2. I'd forgotten about that Al – a worthwhile investment I'd say!!

    Miss you too. Hope your trip home was OK? xx

  3. there’s two kinds of people in the world…those who iron and those who don’t;)
    I’m an ironer. a lot. it’s my reflection time – i work through the pile about once a week. in fact i’d suggest it contributes to my own slow home philosophy – because apart from maybe watching a dvd, you can’t multi task or get distracted when ironing. the brain has even has time to reflect!

    • Tell me about it, Susan! I come from a long line of ironers and have grappled with my recent switch to a non-ironing person ;)

      I do still have about half an hour of ironing a week to do, which I don’t mind. I generally listen to a podcast or something similar while the kids have a sleep.

      • Another great post. Yes I am an ironer…..however as the kids grow I am finding that I am having more “adult” sized clothes to iron. I have to iron hubby’s work shirts and pants. Some school uniforms, but that’s about it. Oh sorry I cannot leave the tea towels, these are ironed too!! However I am becoming a bit more of ‘yep that looks ok’ kinda gal!!

  4. I don’t iron. Except if I’m doing some sewing which requires it.
    Even hubby’s best shirt is a non-iron lol!