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Uh… As you may have guessed, the post below was not meant to go out. In fact, the post below was written by my 3-year old. Sorry for barging in to your day with a page full of gibberish!

But, you know what, while we’re here, can I ask a question (and regain some of my dignity)?

Those of you who are part of my Facebook Community may have already seen this, but I would love to get the opinion of those who aren’t over there regularly too.

Read on if you have 1 minute and a slice of your brain* to spare…

Which, if any, of the following short books sounds most interesting/helpful to you?

And which, if any, would you be most likely to pay for?

  • Everyday: 7 Daily Rituals to Create the Simpler Life You Want
  • Simplicity via Technology: Using Your Everyday Tech Gadgets to Simplify Life
  • Presence: 7 Daily Actions to Create a Slow Home
  • Slow Home Kickstart: A 12-Week Program to Completely Overhaul Your Home and Start Living the Simpler Life You Want

If you have an extra minute to spare feel free to add some ideas of your own in the comments below.

Thank you in advance!! xx

(*Brain slice on temporary loan only)

Thanks guys. And now, it’s over to my 3-year old, Isla.


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  1. Your three year old has excellent keysmashing abilities. I applaud her for speaking my language. LOL.

    The first and last suggestions/titles sound like something that would interest and/or help me.

    • Haha! Tell me about it, Rachel! Often I’ll discover later that she’s changed settings or file names. I have no idea how, but she manages it. Often!

    • That is fabulous feedback, Saida! I know everyone learns differently, so I think the step-by-step is a good option… This has given me lots to think about, that’s for sure. :)

  2. I’ve had plenty of those posts myself :)

    The most interesting of the list is the tech post, provided it isn’t iOS specific, every time I see a “simplify through technology” post it neglects Android (and Linux, though I do have a WIN7 institutional laptop) users. I’m sure there are also non-phone/tablet tips as well, but the “There’s an app for that.” posts that only reference Apple gadgets or OSX are way overdone.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you Morghan! I had actually started work on an iOS-specific ebook when the same thought crossed my mind. To keep it focused solely on Apple products would be excluding half (or more) the market. So I will absolutely be writing this book, but it won’t be until next year and I will be finding a co-author who specialises in Android.

      Thanks so much for your suggestions. :)

  3. 7 Everyday rituals for me…. I thought my computer had been hacked. I should have know it was just the kids “helping”. :-)

  4. Presence, I would buy. Simplicity with tech intrigues me and I would check out further and buy if it looked like it would work for me. I am not real tech savvy but would like to better utilize the tools available to slow and simplify my life.
    Your daughter and I could converse quit well some days!

  5. The first one sounds like something I would pick up and buy. :) Love your blog. I have donated or given away about 20 garbage bags full of “stuff” since I began reading.

  6. Simplicity v Technology…I like my slow country life (the one in my head) and now feel so guilty at the way I’m enjoying the technologies creeping into it…I’d feel much less guilty if said techie stuff was enhancing my simple ideal!

  7. Slow Home Kickstart: A 12-Week Program to Completely Overhaul Your Home and Start Living the Simpler Life You Want

    Sounds interesting and I would by it in epub format.

    • Great point, Bethany! I also get a lot of questions about how to begin simplifying. Those who are struggling to start are the people I had in mind for the Kickstart.

  8. Guys, I cannot even tell you how much this feedback means to me. You are all brilliant gems – thank you!!

    I’ll be certain to let you know – this week or next – which of the options will be my first ebook, as well as a release date.

    From the bottom of my heart – thank you. xx

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