Whatever the Challenge, Laugh About It.

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Let me transport you…

To a different place. A different time.

A place…so familiar that you swear you’d been there before...


SCENE: [Target.]

[A mum and two young children are mid-way through a morning of errands. A toddler is in the pram, warming up for a full-blooded tantrum. He is clearly not loving the shopping experience.]

[A cheeky three-year-old giggles as she sneakily pops something into her mouth, chewing happily.]

[Her mum catches sight and, knowing the pleasure this girl seems to get from sticking foreign objects in her mouth and up her nose*, is immediately concerned.]


MUM: Isla, what’s in your mouth?

ISLA: (Giggles and mumbles.)

MUM: Isla. What’s in your mouth? What are you chewing on?

ISLA: (Giggles) Nothing.

MUM: No, Isla. Can you tell mummy what’s in your mouth right now? Is it chewing gum?

ISLA: (Enjoying this game) Nothing. Heehee!

MUM: Isla, I am serious. Tell me right now. Have you picked something up off the floor and put it in your mouth?

ISLA: (Giggles.) Nooo.

MUM: Well, tell me what’s in your mouth.

ISLA: (Mumbles.)

MUM: What was that?


MUM: …… Uhh…


I tell you this not only to gross you out (although, it is pretty gross) but to remind you:

Whatever your current battle, wherever your life is taking you, whoever you’re struggling with or misunderstanding – others have gone before you. And others will follow.

You are not alone.

Unless you are eating snot. Then… well, you are on your own.


So, remember…


This weekend will be all about rest and recovery. Damn you, flu! (shakes fist.) Well, recovery and writing. (Pumps fist.)

How are you spending your weekend?

(*Before she was 3, Isla had swallowed a 2-inch screw and stuck not one, not two but three pieces of dried apple up her nose, resulting in an operation. So you can understand my concern.)

7 Responses to Whatever the Challenge, Laugh About It.

  1. bahahahahahahaha!!!!! kiana shoved a french fry up her nose!! saline spray and a good blow managed to dislodge it! she too is a snot muncher, eeeeewwwwww!!!! i’m cleaning up the yard this weekend for our big move on monday, for the times they are a changing!! awesome post brooke :)

  2. Too funny! My family were friends with a family whose child was named Bede, who was incidently the same age as my brother… can you imagine the jokes that continue to this day that my brother put a BEAD up his nose…

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