Happy-Making: Let Your Feelings Show

{Underwater Ink by Alberto Seveso via Pinterest}

When Sparky opens the front door at night, coming home from a long day at work, Isla flings herself into his arms, shrieking, “Daddyyyyyy!” She is joy personified.

It is beautiful and real.

Some nights I want to do the exact same thing. *

But I rarely do.

I either keep doing the washing up, continue tidying the bathroom or greet Sparky at the door with a weary, thin-lipped smile (you know the one) and a peck on the lips.

Why don’t we express those real, enormous, explosive feelings? Why is that only the domain of children, footballers or the cast of Glee?

This weekend, keep a close eye on your feelings. If you find yourself clamping down your joy, or pretending you don’t want to fling yourself into the arms of your loved one – let it go. Let your inner child exclaim. Jump. Dance. Sing. Love.

And do it all openly.

I hope you have a wonder-full weekend, whatever you’re up to. And, please, take the time to do at least one of these things I learnt on holidays.

*Except for the “Daddy” part. ‘Cause that would be weird.

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