Why Listening to Your Body is Very Wise

Whoops. Sorry for the break in transmission, friends. I hope your Christmases were Merry and your Holidays Happy?

I needed a break. You probably did too. My inner voice was yelling at me, “STOP! Slow. Down. Please.” I was getting sick, run-down, exhausted. I was not being the mum or wife I want to be. I was reeling.

But for weeks, I kept pushing on. I had to. There were things to do. But when the time came, and I could stop… I didn’t.

We’re so used to busyness. To urgency. To stress. We think that’s how it should be. There’s honour in being run off our feet. Otherwise, people might think we’re – frighteningly – lazy, unmotivated, boring, unimportant. And no-one wants to be that, do they?

But, I rebelled. I eventually listened  to my inner voice and my body and mind are reaping the significant benefits now.

I rested. I did the minimum. I spent good, free time with the kids. With Sparky. With myself. We reconnected. I lowered my expectations. I stayed in my pyjamas till lunch.

I know the feeling that comes before a breakdown. And I wasn’t far off again. But this time I was listening. I was paying attention to what my body and mind were asking of me. And I (eventually) gave it to them.

And we’re not quite done yet, either.
I will be back online on January 9, with a really exciting challenge for myself and anyone else who cares to join me. See you then!

Happy New Year xxx

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