How To Make Your Own {Green} Carpet Deodoriser

how to make your own carpet deodoriser

You may remember we bought a puppy about a month ago?

It is no coincidence then, that this post tackles how to keep your carpets smelling fresh. Even after they have been assaulted by the peeing machine (AKA Cash the Dog).

As is always the aim with the green cleaning recipes here, this one is made using all natural ingredients, actually works, and will cost cents to make, as opposed to dollars to buy.

You’ll need:

  • bicarb soda
  • tea tree oil (or eucalyptus or lavender)
  • something to hold the bicarb mix – preferably with holes in the lid (a shaker is perfect, but you could use a pringles tube and punch some holes in the lid. Get creative!)

To Use:

1. Fill the container with your bicarb.

2. Add 10 drops of your chosen essential oil.

how to make your own carpet deodoriser

3. Shake well, to ensure the oil is distributed throughout the bicarb.

4. Sprinkle lightly over the carpet you wish to deodorise. Leave for 15 minutes or longer.

how to make your own carpet deodoriser

5. Vacuum the carpet as normal. Revel in the fresh smell!

6. Use as often as needed. I generally do this once a month to keep the carpets smelling…not smelly.


Do you have a dog? Does he pee everywhere? Can you give me some hints on toilet training?

5 Responses to How To Make Your Own {Green} Carpet Deodoriser

  1. How did you know this was exactly the post I needed? lol
    I always prefer natural remedies for illness and for my home, and I used to buy the perfumed powder to shake on my carpet to keep the place fresh, but hadn’t found a natural replacement. I actually thought yesterday “I’ll have to google it”, but just didn’t have the chance! Not only that, with the store bought powder, they only have the one fragrance that I like, but with what you’ve suggested, I can use any of my huge amount of essential oils!
    I’m wrapt!
    Thanks Brooke! :)

    • Ha! It’s funny how that works sometimes, isn’t it? You put it out there that you need some info, and BAM, here it is!

      Glad it’s been helpful though, Tracey. :)

  2. Potty training: best instructions I’ve read have been from the Monks of New Skeet in The Art of Training Your Puppy. Great advice in that book. The one caution I have with the book is that they train German Shepherds who have a very different mentality then a spaniel for instance. So some of the actual training and mind set of the dogs may be different but potty training advice is right on.

    Also for the puppy’s accidents on carpet: use salt to absorb it. Buy it in large quantities (b/c you will use a lot) and pour it on the pee spot. Keep adding to the pile until you stop seeing the pee soak in. Leave it on for a little while and then sweep up as much with a dust pan as possible before trying to vacuuming it up.

    Good luck!

  3. The first line of the article just blew me into a fit of laughter. It takes time to train your pet specially dogs to be fully trained regarding the mess they make. Cats on the other hand are easily trained or you can say that they are naturally trained.

  4. Seriously is it this easy to keep the carpet smelling fresh? I have always been spraying fabreze and wondered why the smell doesnt last..oh well.. this is extremely helpful Brooke! I am gonna try this out!

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