Meet the Girls!

So, if you’re looking for sage words of wisdom today, the only ones I have to offer you are these:


Do. Not. Have. A. Garage. Sale. In. The. Pouring. Rain.


10 little words. So much rain. So little benefit. Boo.

We did, however, make enough money to finally buy our first three chickens! So we can still notch the weekend up as a win.

We welcomed three lovely chicks yesterday afternoon, and, being absolute novices, have spent the past 24 hours checking on them, making sure they’re comfortable, helping them to settle in. I’m fairly sure they’re keen for us to just leave them alone, actually!

We’re only just getting acquainted ourselves, but let me introduce Gertie (black Australorp) Mabel (Rhode Island Red) and Betsy (Isa Brown).

Already, I find watching them, just hanging out with them, to be an absolute pleasure. There’s something inherently calming and Zen about them. Plus I love their smell! Weird.

It should be anywhere from 3-6 weeks til they start laying and, can I tell you, I’m ridiculously excited at the prospect! Imagine: Sunday morning, pop outside, collect some fresh eggs, cut some chives from the garden and make ourselves scrambled eggs for brekkie. Pair it with the rocket and tomatoes we’re now growing, and I think I just died and went to edible gardener heaven!!

But in the meantime, the kids and I will continue to hang out with the girls, getting to know them and just relishing in the spark they bring to the yard. I am a woman enamoured.


Other simple pleasures of the weekend:

I hope yours was fabulous!

Tell me, do you have chooks? Do you have any tips for our girls? An amateur would love to know! xx

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