This Season’s Must-Haves.

This Season's Must-Haves?

Isn’t it great when magazines, blogs or TV shows share with us This Season’s Must-Haves? Aren’t you grateful for the heads-up?

Because – and this would be embarrassing – if we didn’t have these Must Haves, we’d be viewed as poor, uncool, un-hip or just plain boring.

Thank goodness we have other people here to tell us what we Must Have.

Or, perhaps, we could look at the meaning of “must have” and suggest that a striped t-shirt or a lavender suede mini skirt isn’t as much of a Must Have as, say, water.

Perhaps gold Birkenstocks are not really a Must Have, at least not when compared to, oh, you know, shelter.

And while my sarcastic and reductionist tone isn’t really helping anyone, I would like to offer my own list of Must Haves for this season and see if they don’t fill a gap a little more significant than the white skinny jeans-shaped hole in your wardrobe.

This Season’s Must Haves:

Kindness: Nothing looks better than an open heart and genuine warmth shown to others. Bonus: it suits all hair colours and face shapes.

Responsibility for your own actions: You will look (and feel) so fashionably empowered when you realise that the potential for change is in your hands. You get to choose how to act, what to prioritise and what is important.

Perspective: Almost everything you’re worrying about now A) is simply not important, B) will not happen at all or C) will happen, won’t be as bad as you fear and will not matter in five years time. Either way, perspective is a must-have this season. Get some.

A backbone for things that are important to you: It turns out that your spine isn’t just good for supporting that sharp navy blazer you’ve been coveting, it’s also really good for helping you have an opinion on things that matter to you. Keen to stop climate change? Do something. Angry about unethical clothing manufacturers? Act on it.

Generosity: Not just about passing on last season’s Must Haves to those less fortunate than yourself, generosity is an important part of a well-rounded life. It comes in many styles and colours – time, money, knowledge – and, I’m quite certain* it makes you look younger.

An aversion to needless outrage: Being offended is very fashionable. But what feels better? Constant outrage or an ability to let go of those things that aren’t important to you? This season’s Must Have: the ability to scroll on by.

Acceptance of our differences: Can you imagine how boring and monotone our world would be if everyone was the same? Or, even, if everyone wore the same cropped boyfriend jeans? Variety is the spice of life, my friends. Accept it. Embrace it.

A sense of humour: Honestly, it mostly isn’t that bad. And even if it is, maybe a giggle might just help.

Gratitude: Your clothes may not be on the list of This Season’s Must-Haves, but you do have clothes. And access to electricity and water and food and medicine. There is breath in your lungs. Your heart beats in your chest and your brain ticks over inside your head. You are a freaking miracle. There are friends and family who love you, there are dreams and ambitions and potential for joy. There are sunsets and smiles and books and red wine and camp fires. Life is incredible and gratitude is one of the best ways to embrace it. Plus, it looks good on everyone.

(*Not actually certain.)

22 Responses to This Season’s Must-Haves.

  1. Sounds like a fit for all seasons you have there Brooke. Good manners and showing interest in others (rather than ‘me me me’) never goes out of fashion. x

  2. BOOM. Love it! I am at the infancy of my simple living journey. Your posts are always so inspiring as they just speak simply living from an evolved perspective.

  3. Great post and very delightful at the start. This inspires me to think a little differently, mainly with more emphasise on perspective as that can be quite debilitating, so is defiantly a must have for me this season. Thanks for your post.

  4. Whenever I see those “must have” lists, I always immediately think “must avoid”. I work in IT, and people are amazed when I don’t stand in line for the latest iPhone or xbox. Well, I don’t own an xbox, because I have other things that I would rather do, and I already have an iPhone that works just fine, in spite of the fact that it is (gasp) three years old! The whole concept of “I already have one that works just fine and therefore don’t need a new one” seems to be foreign to a lot of people.

    Also, LOVE the Louis CK clip. I laughed so hard I nearly fell over.

  5. “Generosity: [] I’m quite certain* it makes you look younger.” It does indeed. No doubt. Think Santa Claus. Without his generosity he’d just be an old, fat, bald guy with bizarre sartorial tastes.

  6. You are fabulous! I love it! Your humor and outlook are so refreshing. Thank you Brooke :)

  7. Brooke, this is the most brilliant post. I am loving your book, your blog and your podcast is fantastic! Thank you for your inspiration, but especially this post which I’ve shared and continue to reflect on. I’m going to print it out right now to have at hand.

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