Get Outside and in to Nature – A Slow Experiment

In March 2018 we brought back the popular Slow Experiments, and the first one was a cracker. We spent 30 days prioritising time outdoors, in nature.

Why? Because we know from personal experience that time spent in nature makes us feel better emotionally, mentally and physically, and now the science is here to back it up. But the problem lies in the fact that as soon as life gets busy, deadlines loom, the weather is less than ideal, we stay inside.

This experiment was all about prioritising time outside regardless of what obstacles come up, even if it’s as simple as a ten-minute stroll around a tiny park in your lunch break. The key was simply to make it a priority and, over the period of 30 days, see if we felt any change.

And while we committed to 60 minutes a day, there’s no need for your own experiment to be as hefty, and you certainly don’t need to climb a mountain every morning.

If you’re after some motivation or suggestions on how to incorporate outdoors time in to your daily rhythm, download a free copy of our Slow Experiment Scavenger Hunt below and see how many you check off over the next 30 days.

The experiment officially ended on March 31 2018, but you can begin any time, knowing that we’ll be there right alongside you (turns out, time in nature is addictive and we haven’t given it up yet!)

Listen in to the episodes below, where we track our experience throughout the experiment, and dive in to some of the science behind our discoveries:

Feel free to use #slowexperiment over on Instagram, and share your experience with us.

Download the Slow Experiment Scavenger Hunt checklist below: