No Angel

Tenuous photo link: I’m drinking a beer.

I’m no angel. Like everyone, I’m busy. I’m a busy mum and wife and sister and daughter and writer. I like things to be simple where possible. I like to do things efficiently where possible. I don’t like making extra work for myself.

I like wearing make-up. I like having my hair done (and getting it coloured!) I like eating lollies. I am a big fan of coffee. I love wine. I shop at Target. I travel. I used disposable nappies on both my little ones until they were six weeks old and would fit into the cloth ones I bought.

If my goal was to live completely without chemicals, and in a carbon-positive way, then I would be making very different changes to my life.

My goal instead, is to simplify life.

I love that I’m learning about green cleaning because, yes, it reduces the amount of unnecessary and harmful chemicals in the house, but also because I now have four spray bottles in my cleaning cupboard, rather than the dozens I had before. Things are simpler.

I love that I use only a handful of daily beauty products and the vast majority of them are completely natural.

I love that I try to reduce our household garbage by recycling, shopping smarter and reusing more, because it means I’m more mindful of what I buy, which in turn means less stuff in general.

But I’m so not an eco-bully. Or a green-snob. Just sayin’.


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