On Pursuing Your Passion

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Pursue your passion. Discover your purpose. Find your happiness.

It’s advice we’re told time and time again. And it’s not bad advice.

In fact, I’m walking proof that discovering your passion and living it can lead to untold happiness. I can safely say – pursuing your passion is good advice.

But what if you don’t know how to discover your passion?

What if you know what your passion is, but have no idea where to begin?

What if you need to kick things up a notch, but don’t have the skills yet?


Since posting The September Summary on Monday I’ve received numerous emails from people asking these questions.

The short answer to each question is one and the same – experimentation.

I have always loved writing, but for years I didn’t do any. Instead I experimented with other hobbies and interests.

I ran my own jewellery label for four years. I was big into the handmade movement, crafting up a storm. I was an avid film watcher, devouring everything I could about movie-making. I lost myself in gardening. I began a floristry course. Became enamoured with snowboarding.

But, over time, I came back to writing. Slowly words returned to me.

First I was determined to write a screenplay. Then a children’s television series. I began writing a book based on mine and Sparky’s travel adventures. I had three blogs before I began this one. I was a voracious journaller.

Eventually I arrived here. Writing about creating a simple life. Building a beautiful community. Discovering opportunities I’d never dreamed of. And it feels right. It feels like home.

I’ll never tire of it like I did my other interests. It’s what I do even when I’m exhausted. It’s what wakes me up and finds me writing at 3am. And not out of obligation, but out of sheer joy.

Some days it feels like work – I have to grind through the words, just like anyone – but it never feels like a job.

How To Discover Your Passion

I couldn’t possibly sum it up any better than Leo Babauta from Zen Habits in his post “The Short But Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion

I told you this wouldn’t be easy. It’ll require a lot of reflection and soul-searching, at first, then a lot of courage and learning and experimentation, and finally a lot of commitment.

But it’s all worth it — every second, every ounce of courage and effort. Because in the end, you’ll have something that will transform your life in so many ways, will give you that reason to jump out of bed, will make you happy no matter how much you make.

Take a look at the entire post – it’s a beautiful, inspiring read.


How To Begin

Starting something new is daunting. You’re faced with the possibility of failure. Of looking silly. Of breaking your face, like I did. (If your new passion happens to be snowboarding.)

But the best way to begin pursuing your passion is just that. To begin.

Take baby steps. First work out what fills you with fire, what gets you excited.

Read about it. The internet is a passion-chaser’s dream. Whatever you are pursuing, you will find the information you need online. You can find tutorials, blueprints, step-by-step guides and case studies. Just become a sponge.

Experiment. Try new things. Challenge yourself to complete a task in a set period of time. Throw yourself into your new interest. You will know soon enough if it truly is a passion.

How to Take Things To the Next Level

Of all the emails I received this week, many have been from writers and bloggers wanting to know how I work to improve my writing and how I’ve grown the community of Slow Your Home so quickly.

And while I feel quite unqualified to talk about it, I do know any improvements I’ve made in the last 6 months come down to two things:

Knowledge and Persistence.

I study the best. I read their blogs. I dissect their posts. I take their courses. I buy their books. I try to emulate them. I practice. I understand there will always be room for improvement. I know I’ll never be done with my learning. I am a sponge.

It’s not sexy, but it appears to be working.


Building that Knowledge

Because I want to continue to improve as a writer, and because I want to create a bigger, even more amazing community here, I am heading to Melbourne next weekend.

I’ll be learning from the best. Gleaning every bit of information I can from them so I can turn around and improve what I do.

I’m attending the ProBlogger Training Event, where I will listen to presentations from Darren Rowse, Chris Gillebeau, Chantelle Ellem, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Avery and some of the best writers in the country. It sold out in a matter of days and to say I’m excited is quite the understatement.

Today I have an amazing opportunity for my fellow bloggers and writers. For the first time ever, there will be All Access Virtual Tickets available to the event.

This means you get access to full recordings of all sessions, as well as complete slide presentations. The program is jam-packed with more than 20 of these sessions, so this pass is absolutely worth its weight in gold. If I wasn’t lucky enough to be attending, I would most definitely be purchasing one of these passes.

If you’re interested in attending the Problogger Event virtually, click here for more information – including the full program – and to buy your ticket.*


Pursuing Your Passion Takes Work

Regardless of where your passion lies, there is work involved in discovering it, learning it and constantly improving it.

But it is work that you will never regret.

“Because in the end, you’ll have something that will transform your life in so many ways, will give you that reason to jump out of bed, will make you happy…”

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits



(*This is an affiliate link, meaning I will receive a small commission if you purchase your pass using this particular link. Thanks in advance.)


6 Responses to On Pursuing Your Passion

  1. One of the best (and most freeing) pieces of advice I have seen recently is not to stress about finding my “passion” but to approach everything I do with passion and I will find peace with what I do. Now obviously that doesn’t mean stay in a bad/dangerous relationship or to stay in a dead-end job, but if you want to be happy in life, don’t wait around for happiness to find you (or until you figure our “what” will make you happy). Make a point to be happy where you are and look for opportunities to grow and change at the same time.

  2. Hi Brooke I just wanted to thank you for posting this fantastic piece of writing, I have been following your Blog for a few months now and I am grateful for the honesty in which you write all your posts, they are truly a delight and inspiration to read!
    http://zenhabits.net/the-short-but-powerful-guide-to-finding-your-passion/ Has added an extra bit of motivation for me to continue to keep my blog alive as I am only in the early days of writing and setting up.
    Doing the lists last night is helping me stay on track.
    Thanks, look forward to reading more from you.

  3. Nothing is really better than wake up every morning knowing we will do what we love to do. This is a dream that many people don’t experience. First of all, indeed it’s not easy to discover what do we actually love and are really really passionate about. Normally we find what we think we love, but that can change in a few months. Discovering the real passion requires a big inner travel.
    I have to say I suffer from the same problem, I think I know what I like to do, but not absolutely sure about it, and while I’m not sure I won’t do everything to have it.
    It’s a journey I still have to do :)
    Congratulations for this amazing post.

  4. I love the idea of experimentation Brooke. I’m sometimes bothered by all the past hobbies I try, become obsessed with, and then let go. But you are right – the only way we can find our passion is by experimenting.

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