Just One Thing

slow your life (aka sunset at byron bay)
{sunset at Byron Bay.}


You have a to-do list, don’t you? A seemingly endless list of things that need to get done around the house? On top of all the day-to-day jobs?

In our house, it’s about 3 pages long and growing. The top three things listed:

  • rearrange TV/play room
  • paint Toby’s new bedroom
  • move Toby into new bedroom

You know, nothing major. Pfft.

Every weekend we feel the weight of that list. The pressure to use our spare time to get stuff done. Work on those projects. Tie up loose ends. And while there is definitely a time and place for getting stuck into your work and being productive super human beings, there also needs to be time for rest and simple contentment.

So this weekend, I’m setting a challenge:


Choose one thing from your list, and do that. (Hint: Make it a small thing.)

It will be on top of your other obligations – housework, social events, kids’ sport, etc. But instead of having the weight of the entire list on your shoulders, you will have just one thing. And when you do it, you celebrate the win. Cross it off that list with gusto. Do an NFL-style touchdown-victory-dance-thing. Preferably involving mime.

And be content.

Next weekend may be different. You may need to work your arse off and get stuff done. But this weekend, work on just that one thing.

What will your one thing be? Is it small or large? Easy or challenging?

We’ll be rearranging the furniture in the TV/play room. It may not be the smallest job on the list, but the celebration at the end will be epic. Because it’s a job that’s been hanging over us and pissing us off for months. So this weekend, it’s goin’ down.

Have a wonderful, content, fun weekend, folks. Truly.


5 Responses to Just One Thing

  1. Have been having a similar conversation in our home this week, about painting the exterior of our house this summer. It’s a huge job, and we were feeling overwhelmed. Decided to pick a small part, and do just that part. Then, do another small part. Didn’t feel so overwhelming then. Good luck with your room–I always feel so good when we change things up.

    • That’s a massive job, for sure! We actually just finished the outside of our place too (with help from a professional in the end!) and I think if ever we do it again, I would tackle one small part at a time, rather than try to do the whole side of the house in a weekend. It’s madness, I tell you!! ;)

  2. oh you have described us ! we are part way through finishing renovations to the outside of our house – just organizing someone to turn up and do it seems to be such a drama! meanwhile, my spring cleaning list from last year is still ongoing. This weekend, I am focusing on cleaning out the bottom two shelves of my pantry !

    • Hahaha! I love the ever-growing spring cleaning list here too! But I’m finding it does help to just say, “Well, I’m currently doing the pantry, which means I CAN’T be doing the next thing on the list.” At least, I’m learning to be OK with that. It’s all about the tilting isn’t it?

  3. My list is on my phone. I remind my my hubby every weekend how we need to attend to this list of things we should do. We argue about what’s not been done. The list is a big weight.
    I love what you have written.
    I’m not going to look at the whole list
    Just one thing!