Choose Positivity. Opt For Happiness.

Promote Optimism. Choose Positivity. Opt for Happiness.


Today’s assignment: Take the coin that is your mindset and flip it.

Choose positivity. Opt for happiness. Promote optimism.

My go-to response in times of stress or indecision is to choose tails – to opt for negativity, frustration, resentment, anger, fear, jealousy or comparison. And lately, I’ve been more tails than heads. But as part of my challenge to shake the world with beauty I’m asking more of myself. Will you join me?

Let’s call heads.

Choose positivity.

Opt for happiness.

Promote optimism.

Just one time today – let’s STOP – and instead of choosing tails:

Choose to say “I love you” when you really want to scream.

Choose to be thankful for your beautiful body instead of scathing of its perceived flaws.

Choose to congratulate yourself when you play with the kids instead of clean the toilet.

Choose to be content when you clean the toilet instead of playing with the kids. (Because sometimes – it’s just gotta get done.)

Choose to see the positive side of an ambivalent comment.

Choose to accept that the rude woman at the supermarket may be going through a rough patch.

Choose to smile at strangers.

Choose to dance it out when your frustration rises.

Choose to breathe deeply and say, “I am awesome” when you feel invisible.

Choose to see the good in people rather than the bad.

Choose to believe that positivity attracts more positivity and your world will feel infinitely brighter each time you do.


Tell me, do you believe in the power of mind over matter? Will you flip it today – just once?

22 Responses to Choose Positivity. Opt For Happiness.

  1. I put the ‘flip it’ post-it note back on my computer today…thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thank you for a beautiful article. I love your website and it has been helping me through a rough patch. When I found your website I could resonate so deeply with the experiences you had that lead to a change in your life. Thanks for helping me!

  3. I believe in positive thought. each & every day. I teach High School Physics to low income students, who have very poor self-esteems, who need to work full time to help keep a roof over their head, who feel like no one trusts them, who feel stuck…

    Today when I spoke to a student who will probably fail, I said “you are SO SMART, I bet if you put 15 minutes into studying you could be a straight A student!” He kept saying he wasn’t, but I wouldn’t relent with how smart I think he is & all that he can accomplish until he smiled & said “yea, I am smart, I’m just lazy.”

    Each of my students, no matter how many mistakes they made, I still remind them it’s ok to make a mistake, just erase it & start over (free erasers are also given away because mistakes are ok.)

    Thank you for spreading this word. Optimism is so important. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself until someone else believes in you.

  4. I should have read this before I cried over the split milk this morning. Three litres on the floor, and I had a little cry.

  5. Hi Brooke,

    I just discovered your blog via a mention on So far, I love the way you think! I blog to help people transform their relationship with money. Minimalism, simple living and being financially responsible are all compatible topics. Cheers helping each other lead better lives!

    Ree ~ I blog at

  6. Lovely article. Yes, it’s all about attitude. Whatever happens one ALWAYS has the choice of what attitude to take. As you say, this can be done in the blink of an eye, in the flip of a coin.