Organise Your Home: Get a Calendar

{via design*sponge}

Getting organised is a key part of creating a slow home.

You know that feeling when you have everything sorted, you know what’s happening tomorrow, you’re packed and prepared, your budget’s up to date, you’re just generally rocking life? Yeah, that. That’s what I’m aiming to have going on in our home.

In light of that I have been searching for the right type of wall calendar for weeks. I need one that is attractive, preferably handmade and most importantly, has enough room to write events or reminders next to each date. I don’t want anything overly complicated, but to be able to glance at the calender and immediately know what’s coming up this week, or this month, will help with budgeting, scheduling, meal planning etc.

I was beginning to think that all the calendar designers on Etsy had lost their minds, because there are so many beautiful calendars out there that are so not functional. Do you think I could find one that suited my needs? Not until I spied this pretty one on design*sponge a few weeks ago.

{via design*sponge}
{via design*sponge}

It’s from Amy Marcella and you can buy it from her Etsy store. Which is exactly what I’ve just done!

Now here’s hoping we get our shelf desk up this weekend, so I can get organised and get this beauty on the wall. ASAP.

Happy weekending, friends!! xx

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